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Who We've Helped


After joining Positive Futures, things really began to turn around for Jackson. One-to-one mentoring and the active role he played in community activities played an integral part in helping Jackson get back on track and gave him a future to look forward to.

“My mum was threatened with losing the house if my behaviour continued, and I was close to getting a criminal record. After being involved in Positive Futures, my behaviour has improved, and I haven’t been in trouble with the police since.”
Jackson, age 11.


A combination of ADHD and Autism meant that Aaron struggled to build friendships, and studying was tough. Positive Futures stepped in with one-to one specialist educational support, and also encouraged him to give after school activities a try. The results have been life changing, both in the classroom and the playground.

“We found Aaron’s situation difficult and there was a lot of pressure on us as a family. Positive Futures has been a great support. It’s helped his confidence and attitude, and he now socialises more with other kids locally. Their work has benefited us as a whole family, not just with Aaron.”
Aaron’s Mum.


15 youngsters were recruited to take part in a Positive Futures local community project. The aim was to turn wasteland into a beautiful nature trail for patients at a Dementia care home.

The young people spent three days tackling the project – clearing shrubs, making pathways, hand-building and installing bird boxes and distributing three tonnes of wood chip.

“I wasn’t keen on taking part in this project, but at the end when some of the residents were able to get out of the home and sit on the benches, I felt proud. We had done this, and they were able to enjoy it.”
Kiah, age 14.

“I like to think they want to keep seeing how I’m doing, and how my family are doing. They’ve been with me the whole way.”
Emily Gilbert – Positive Futures Scheme Member