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The Trust’s Positive Futures programme has helped young people since 2008, and for 22-year-old Emily Gilbert, getting involved meant that she always had help at hand when she needed it most.

“It all started with my sisters,” said Emily.

“They were involved before I was, and I saw they were enjoying themselves and decided to get involved with dancing classes, which resulted in a show, which was really good.

“This was all shortly before I became pregnant. That was a very difficult time, even scary, but the people at Positive Futures helped me through it.

“I didn’t have much support from my mum, but Positive Futures helped to support me through meetings with social services, as well as offering me help and someone to speak to if I ever needed it.”

As well as helping Emily, now 22, through her pregnancy, The Trent Bridge Community Trust were available to offer her the chance to achieve extra qualifications geared towards her securing employment in the catering industry.

“I have managed to gain a couple of good qualifications in food hygiene and first aid, and I’m getting involved in the catering business,” she said.

“We have set up catering units with a couple of the other girls involved, and we are involved with the opening of the Positive Futures project in Newark, providing a buffet for people there on the day,

“I’m hoping it’s going to continue in the future and be something I can carry on developing.”

Having seen other young people in the village benefit from the scheme, Emily pinpoints the youth club as a key tool in engaging those otherwise at risk of social exclusion.

“The youth club gives young people somewhere to go rather than spending their spare time getting involved with crime.”

“The club has everything from a pool table to an Xbox, and, most importantly, they have somewhere for people to go and speak to someone if they need help and support.”

Emily has been one of the long-term beneficiaries of the programme, and she will always be grateful for the support she received.

“I’ve seen lots of other people come in and benefit from their work,” said Emily.

“I like to think they want to keep seeing how I’m doing, and how my family are doing. They’ve been with me the whole way.”

“I like to think they want to keep seeing how I’m doing, and how my family are doing. They’ve been with me the whole way.”
Emily Gilbert – Positive Futures Scheme Member

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