NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB 2022 ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS 36 OPINION ON FINANCIAL STATEMENTS We have audited the financial statements of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Limited (the ‘club’) for the year ended 30 September 2022, which comprise the Income and Expenditure Account, the balance sheet, the statement of cash flows, the statement of changes in equity and the related notes, including a summary of significant accounting policies.The financial reporting framework that has been applied in their preparation is applicable law and United Kingdom Accounting Standards, including Financial Reporting Standard 102 ‘The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland’ (United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice). In our opinion the financial statements: – give a true and fair view of the state of the club’s affairs as at 30 September 2022 and of its surplus for the year then ended; – have been properly prepared in accordance with United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice; and – have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Co-operative and Community Benefits Act 2014. BASIS FOR OPINION We conducted our audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (UK) (ISAs (UK)) and applicable law. Our responsibilities under those standards are further described in the Auditor’s responsibilities for the audit of the financial statements section of our report. We are independent of the club in accordance with the ethical requirements that are relevant to our audit of the financial statements in the United Kingdom, including the Financial Reporting Council’s Ethical Standard, and we have fulfilled our other ethical responsibilities in accordance with these requirements.We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our opinion. CONCLUSIONS RELATING TO GOING CONCERN In auditing the financial statements, we have concluded that the General Committee’s use of the going concern basis of accounting in the preparation of the financial statements is appropriate. Based on the work we have performed, we have not identified any material uncertainties relating to events or conditions that, individually or collectively, may cast significant doubt on the club’s ability to continue as a going concern for a period of at least 12 months from when the financial statements are authorised for issue. Our responsibilities and the responsibilities of the General Committee with respect to going concern are described in the relevant sections of this report. OTHER INFORMATION The other information comprises the information included in the Annual Report other than the financial statements and our Auditor’s report thereon.The General Committee is responsible for the other information contained within the Annual Report. Our opinion on the financial statements does not cover the other information and, except to the extent otherwise explicitly stated in our report, we do not express any form of assurance conclusion thereon. Our responsibility is to read the other information and, in doing so, consider whether the other information is materially inconsistent with the financial statements or our knowledge obtained in the course of the audit, or otherwise appears to be materially misstated. If we identify such material inconsistencies or apparent material misstatements, we are required to determine whether this gives rise to a material misstatement in the financial statements themselves. If, based on the work we have performed, we conclude that there is a material misstatement of this other information, we are required to report that fact. We have nothing to report in this regard. OPINION ON OTHER MATTERS PRESCRIBED BY THE CO‑OPERATIVE AND COMMUNITY BENEFIT SOCIETIES ACT 2014 In our opinion, based on the work undertaken in the course of the audit: – the information given in the General Committee’s report for the financial year for which the financial statements are prepared is consistent with the financial statements; and – the General Committee’s report has been prepared in accordance with applicable legal requirements. MATTERS ON WHICH WE ARE REQUIRED TO REPORT BY EXCEPTION In light of the knowledge and understanding of the club and its environment obtained in the course of the audit, we have not identified material misstatements in the General Committee’s report. INDEPENDENT AUDI TOR’ S REPORT

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