Junior News | 16th February 2008

10 questions for everybody’s favourite squirrel

Favourite Cricketer?

"Ooh . . . probably Ryan Sidebottom! He's very friendly and he's got red hair . . . much like myself!

Favourite TV Personality?

"I love Bruce Forsyth and his catchphrases, although I think it should be 'Nuts to see you . . . to see you Nuts!'"

Favourite food?

"Nuts, of course! I am also partial to some berries and the occasional mushroom, as well. Yum!"

Favourite football team?

"It has to be the mighty Forest! I love going to the City Ground but have to sit on my own as my tail does somewhat block other people's view. Maybe one day Colin Calderwood will let me sit in the dugout!"

Favourite place to visit?

"I love visiting Scotland and Cumbria because that's where a lot of my other red squirrel friends live. While Trent Bridge is a great home, I do get lonely from time to time, so it's wonderful to see and go out collecting food with them."

Favourite book?

"The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter. Like me, Nutkin is quite cheeky but unlike him, I've still got my tail!"

What do you do during the winter?

"Well, when I'm not out collecting and storing food, I do like to put my feet up with Mrs Nuts and watch England's cricketers play abroad. This winter, I've helped the builders with some of their work on the new stand and also assisted Steve Birks and his groundstaff in their pitch preparations, as well. I've been very busy!"

Which film would you most like to have appeared in?

"Probably the recent version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There is a great scene when there are lots of squirrels who are testing the quality of the nuts in the factory and that would be my dream job! Plus I would have got to meet Johnny Depp, which would've been really cool!"

What are your best and worst features?

"My best is definitely my friendliness - I get on well with everybody - and my worst is my memory - us red squirrels often forget where we've put things, especially our food."

And finally, which mascot would you most like to beat in this year's Twenty20 Mascot Race?

"It has to be Charlie Fox at Leicestershire! He's always quicker than me and as red foxes are one of the red squirrel's biggest predators - it'd be great to get one up on him!"

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