Young People

Inspiring young people to enjoy lifelong engagement with cricket

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club seeks to provide and facilitate opportunties to young people across the county, regardless of their prior experience and background. This is done through our very own Junior Outlaws coaching camps, school festivals and the rollout of national participation programmes, which are listed below. 

All Stars Cricket

All Stars Cricket provides a first experience of the sport for all children aged 5 to 8. The programme, which prioritises skill development, is designed to introduce children to the sport with 60 minute sessions over an eight week programme, teaching them new skills whilst helping them make new friends have a great time.

Participants are also provided with a backpack, bat, ball and a personalised t-shirt. Find your nearest centre here.

For more information about All Stars, email


Dynamos Cricket provides the next step for those graduating from All Stars Cricket, or an introduction for 8 to 11-year-olds new to the sport.

The 60-90 minute sessions centre on a combination of gameplay and skill building activity. 

Each session encompasses an active warm-up, a week-by-week focus on specific skills and a game of countdown cricket, inspired by The Hundred.

Each participant is also given a personalised t-shirt complete with their name and number on the back. Find your nearest centre here.

For more information about Dynamos Cricket, email

Street Cricket

Chance to Shine Street brings cricket to thousands of young people in urban areas. It uses the game to increase aspiration, promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse communities.

It’s a fast-paced version of the game played with a tapeball - a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape - in small enclosed spaces. With six players per team and 20 balls per innings, it’s cricket’s answer to five-a-side football.

To find out more about Street Cricket and for more information on your nearest session, email


Wicketz is a cricket programme for young people aged 8-19, living in specifically targeted communities where circumstances for many residents are economically challenging. By establishing sustainable community cricket hubs, we provide year-round weekly cricket sessions with a focus on breaking down barriers, developing crucial life skills, creating stronger communities and enabling brighter futures for those taking part.

To find out more about Wicketz and for more information on your nearest session, contact



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