Fantasy Ashes:
Third Test Top 500

Featured News | 17th December 2013

In what has become a recurring theme in recent weeks, another meek England batting performance and a typically hardworking, powerful effort from the hosts' pace attack has seen the Ashes Urn returned to Australia.

After reaching an unassailable 3-0 lead at the earliest opportunity, the Australian side impressed once more in our Fantasy Ashes game. A first innings century from Steve Smith scored very well, while contributions of 60 from David Warner and 55 from Brad Haddin made for a daunting total. Second innings centurions Warner and Watson both gained batting bonuses, while Ben Stokes' maiden century in only his second test a rare batting highlight for the visitors.

Across the match, wickets were spread across each team's bowlers, with no bowling bonus picked up for achieving a five-wicket haul, giving a very different look to the Fantasy Ashes table. Darren Ferris, whose side will be rewarded with this test's spot prize, bounced his way to the top of the table, with Phillip Mansfield racing into second place.

The Nottinghamshire professional cricket staff, while a way away from the top of the table, are beginning an entertaining contest between themselves. Mick Newell's 'Wake Me Up Before You Goa, Goa' have leapfrogged Paul Franks' side, but youngster Simon Webster isn't far behind. 

Here is the top 500, as it stands today:

Player Name

Team Name


Darren Ferris Ferris' Infamous Five 3431
Phillip Mansfield DADSGAL X1 3238
Edmund Wakeley Johnsons Ashes 3216
Gareth Parry Sproston Greens 3112
Simon Kitchener Harps Heroes 3096
Robert Stentiford Bobbies Dazzlers 3059
Neil Burden We came here with backpacks... 3059
Gavin Childs Racing Pigeons 3015
Nick Kates 2010-11 And All That 3015
Craig Brennan Craigs Ashes V 3010
Jonathan Hill Hill's Raiders 2970
Graham Holley AussieBashers 2970
Amit Dhawan amittarush 2970
James Bowker Keeno's 2887
Peter Bales Bales Select XI 2881
Robert Richardson Rozinas  revellers 2870
Julie Drury Wish I Was There 2867
Sharon Reeves Shaz's Sheer Muppetry 2867
Tim Powell-Perry Tim's Test Terrors 2851
Chris Whittaker #OfficialCricketGenius 2845
Phil Marshall Marshall's Match Winners 2835
Sandy Gourlay Granny's Rhubarb 2814
Kevin Tedds Saint Appleford  2811
Robert Walne Eastonnites 2788
Ian Bourne Bourne 2 Run 2753
Jonathan Fearn Canary Yellow 2735
Jake Leavesley King Ook 2734
Helen Whitt Ashes Bashers 2730
Andrew Coverdale South Clifton 2730
Tim McDuell Ashes2Ashes 2727
Frank Hollingworth The Roosters 2723
Paul Harison Car Parking Attendunce 2719
Callum Steele Paty O'Doors CC 2719
Joe Walker Papp CC 2718
Callum Owen Calls ashes 2710
Daniel Bobbins Reliant Robins 2709
Ian Laker Lakeripshire Lakers 2699
Thomas Hopkinson Toms back garden ccc 2692
Maurice Fitzgerald eumf2 2685
Dave Oxley All for one 2634
Maxim Stimpson Random Reflux Army! 2602
Tom Davies TommyD91 2599
Mark Pearson TitchnTing 2584
Tilden Etges Tilden's Titans 2567
Kevin Jones Cooking On Gas 2543
Gareth Lewis Ashes to Ashes 2537
Michael Haskins skinash 2534
Shabbir Merali Aussie Rules 2534
Andy Nott nott out 2533
Gareth Meredith Meredith8282 2519
Jack Sharp Cherry Burton11 2519
Ian Gray Famous Five 2510
James Green Outlaw Army 2501
Liam McElhone Liam Mac's Outlaws 2501
Josh Ganley Pommy possy 2501
Olly Bickley Bickers Bashers 2497
Ian Hall IanHallMob 2494
Paul Jackson BROADS B'ASHERS 2486
Matt Hendry Hendry's Ashes 2484
Dale Stringer Squirrel Ashes 2483
Geoff Prett The Wizards of Oz 2477
Aneil Singh Pom-sies 2473
Martin Gunning Beast of a team 2472
Louise Allum First time for everything 2465
Scott Edge Scotchyeggmen 2456
Graham Hall Bouncebackability C. C. 2452
Atul Patel A team Ashes 2451
David Gretton One Bat Wombats 2417
Carl Whitehead I'm only partly ashamed 2417
William Burn Burned Stumps 2417
Gav Lockwood The Lion Kings 2413
Sharon Street Sharon's Allstars 2407
Malcolm Cocking Malc's Five 2398
Abi Simmons Fantashtic five 2390
Chris Botherway Spot Fixers 2383
Joe Beckett Walkabout Wallies 2379
Richard Brown topbananas 2379
Tina Burton I should be in oz 11 2379
Andrew Sheldon shecks x1 2378
Matthew Morley The Marauders 2371
Alan Radford Tasha's smashers 2367
James Smith On the other hand it... 2366
Matthew Doherty The New Team 2363
Mark Wrigley Skunk and Nancy 2356
Carl Newham Convict Bashers XI 2346
Damian Rowell Colwick village idiots 2344
Paul Fox Doc Fox's Poms 2334
William Longbottom Nice Areas! 2326
Andrew Gabbitas Gabbys Greats 2317
Joey Franklin Cherry Burton CC  2317
Adam Gibson The show offs  2307
Martin Rayner Raining Ashes 2305
Joe McCarthy The Shire XI 2302
David Haslam The Purbecks 2300
Lloyd Naake The Gas Canisters 2284
Steven Cairns Bubble&squeak 2283
Patricia Fowler The Boys Are Back In Town 2281
Ben Cavey BWDCCC 2278
Jordan Thelen Rising from the Ashes 2277
Jim Mason The iPad Winners 2259
James Cox Simply cricket 2256
Steven Boyde Good Trott 2254
Jason Salleh HOLDEN ALL STARS 2254
Darren Gare Captain Cook CCC 2251
Venkatesha Murthy Multitalent 2246
Dan Anslow Dashers Ashes 2241
Colin Hammond BBC HP 2234
Jim Morris Morris Minors 2232
Ken Dyson Up the Swanny 2230
Rich Miller Pacifico Pirates 2229
Ian Birt Birty's Best XI 2228
Mollie Gunn DontTouchMyJoints! 2224
Chris Cleal Chris & Sam's Superstars 2221
Thomas Walker Bring back Thorpe 2208
Paddy Poynton Paddypicks 2208
Iain Simpson AUSPOMS 2201
Ben Jordan BenJXI 2196
Damian Eite Ropsley Rejects 2196
Kieran Owen Kezzas Ashes 2196
Chris Grant Mighty Badgers 2192
Murray Fearn Fly Ravens 2192
Jon Hinde TBJON 2181
Leon Duncan No Hope cc 2181
Murray Biddle You PIes 2179
Geoffrey Bramhill Baxters 2177
John Spencer Swann will tear the Aussies... 2172
Dave Bracegirdle BRACES ACES 2167
Tom England An England V 2167
John Draper Norfolk & Chance 2165
Richard Green Owd Church Warsop Strollers 2161
Andy Smith Crackers XI 2161
Adrian Sawyer Old Creasers XI 2159
Joe Turner Stick Cricketersr 2159
Thomas Northledge TN Stars 2158
Rob Hilditch hilditch mob 2157
Kev Bethell Outlaws 2156
Michael Hill Beeftonwang 2156
Mark Tennant fabijazleon 2155
Mick Newell Wake me up before you Goa, Goa 2152
Eric Shane Richards skintshire cc 2152
Ross Dixon dixons cc 2150
Patrick O'Neill Half a job 2148
Chris Pomfret Chrispyducks 2147
Andrew Somers Arlans Allstars 2143
Chris Whiting No To Hull Tigers 2139
Norman Joughin Seabankers 2134
Max Everett Raptor CCC 2134
John Henderson The Light Brigade 2132
James Studley Studders222for2 2132
Laura Hemstock Dozzers Dreamteam  2130
Thomas Hodgson Hodg XI 2117
Richard White The Winning Team 2117
Andrew Morris Thoresby Thirds 2117
Adam Corr corlioli 2117
Liam Burnell Over the bungalows 2116
Andrew Key What A Key-tasthropy 2114
Jonathan Cross Out on the boundary 2111
Jamie Rowley Dramtastic 2110
Charles Starkings Roman VIIII 2103
John Hope Werrington Stars 2103
Mark Sampson Sammo's Badgers 2102
Sarah Buttery 5 star 2100
Sarah Gunn WhyNoSamit? 2098
Richard Bentley Benters Bombers 2093
Paul Severn Severnshire 2091
Martin Roe BJ All Stars 2090
Mark Hopkinson Misfits 2090
Robert Panton Bedfordshire's Best 2086
Chris Hewis Anglers Imps 2083
Tim Taylor Buncharagamuffins 2082
Stewart Scott Mullaneys stag do #YOLO 2082
Mark Fort The Forties 2080
Philip Measures PJ's Heroes 2078
Neil Fletcher Hot Ashes 2075
Howard Lea Pommiediggers 2070
Malcolm Ross Blacksmiths Forgers 2068
Andrew Tomlinson Rags to Riches 2067
Brian Joselyn bj select 2066
Aaron Greenwood Az's All Stars 2066
Jim McLean Up and Coming 2062
David Shepherd You Reds !! 2057
Nigel Garlick Buffaloner 2051
Stephen Clay Notts nuts 2050
Paul Franks Pike's Pirates 2049
Alan Harrison Harry's Heroes 2047
Simon Webster Bad Back XI 2046
Oli Cound Super Bold - Yes Yooouutth 2044
Neil Maclaren Macca's Sackcloth and Ashes 2044
Joe Brennan Simply The Best XI-VI=V 2040
Carl Barton Allsorts All Stars 2027
David Shipley The Chefs 2025
Max Roberts Max's All Stars 2024
Nigel Rowden Parks 5 2024
Sean Ballance Evening Team News 2023
Kim Dakin Kimbo kricketers  2016
P Nelson Slam Dunkers 2016
Matthew Bowen Retford rejects 2016
Sally Bales Sally & Libby's all rights 2012
Stewart Gillett Shot in the dark 2012
Richard Evans Richard's Rounders 2007
Paul Griffiths paulsmen  2007
Dan Fellows BBQ summer 2005
Sarah Matthews Spooney All Stars 2004
Jack Fox-Male PomsRus 2000
Wayne Waplington Hedflame 1991
Rob Walker 'MULL'S NUMBER 1 FAN' 1990
Lee Astill Castillo Bilbao CC 1990
Simon Litchfield Red Stripe Belgrade 1989
David Wood TBI Saturdays 1989
James Smith Pogo Smith FC 1987
Pete Dodsley Dodsley's Destroyers 1986
Steve Speed Yabba Gabba Doo 1985
Grahame McDonough macdogs masters 1983
Swapna Soneji English 1982
Isaac Burnett Meatingham cc 1978
Mark Gasson My funny team name 1976
Neil Sellers Mapatasi Womfers XI 1970
Chris Needle Nockashes 1969
Mick Hemstock Micks team 1968
Margaret Gunn NoEyeDear 1968
Ali Merali Pink Panthers 1968
Richard Whitehead Ashfieldvaliants 1964
Phil Heath Heatho's Finest XI 1964
Philip Turton Turton Terrors 1963
Alex Marshall tiedupinnotts 1963
Adam Davies Shapo's Disciples  1962
Heather Wilkins HeatherBelle 1954
Craig Warner Fred West Hampshire 1953
Jamie Davies Engerrrrrrrrrland 1949
John O'Donnell Cov Bears 1948
Ali Hart Du Du Du Didier Zokora 1947
Richard Meade Owzat Me Duck 1947
Darren Warner Warners Wonders 1946
David Bates HOWZAT! 1944
Antony Newton sunshine boys 1943
Richard Parker Simply The Best 1941
Paul Watson Mumbai Chargers 1938
Alison Ford Ali's Army 1938
Jonathan Todd Jono's Barmy Army 1931
Nic Perrett Ashes-Stag 1931
David West Westies Wonders 1930
Claire Webberley Webbo's Sticky Wicket 1927
Luke Fletcher Bulwell CC 1925
Shane O'Donnell BIG BASH CRICKET 1925
Tim Norton Engralia 1920
Barry Shelton Blue Bear 1920
David Bennett Benzos boys  1920
Laura Belcher Farmcroft CC 1919
Michael Jones Ashes to Ashes 1916
Simon Boyes Tree's Top Team 1916
Matin Stevens Marts Marvels 1915
Geoffrey Fuller Ashes to Ashes 1915
Nigel Slack Slacker 1913
Andrew Fearn Falstone Firebrands 1907
David Hill Stroller's V 1898
Dave Gunn FourSixFour 1897
David Hammond Old Thulstonians 1897
Daniel Gayton Ashes Select V 1894
Peter Dowse Dowsies Urners 1892
David Straw Sitting Ducks 1891
Mohammed Zubair SOCXER'S FIVES 1891
Ben Goffin Full Tossers 1891
Isobel Howe Izzy's Wizzy's 1891
Sean Cloughey Sean4635 1890
Oliver Latham Latho's legends 1888
Richard Hedley Hedley's Heroes 1882
Felix Miller Felix flyers 1882
Luke Wood The Woodpeckers 1881
Richard Stimpson Nubian 1881
Keith Brown Busters Bashers 1877
Jim Hemstock Ashes hers 1877
Malcolm Ellerton Notty Yorkies 1876
Andrew Cronshaw Cronies 1876
Roger Hough Wombats Specials 1876
Josh Wedge Wedge CC 1871
Matt Palmer Trott's Got The Runs 1869
Andy Brown Forlorn Hope 1866
Denis Farman Farman's Folly 1866
Emily Andrew Lemons 1866
Jack Martin Right-Arm Over 1865
Joseph Chima Chima's ashes 1865
Keith Belcher Gas Bags 1863
John Wessel WeaselAshes 1863
Eric Wagstaff Stripes' Heros 1863
Mathew Danes Ashes Bashers! 1862
Jack Swaby Nottinghamshire ccc  1860
Tom Adams Adams XI 1858
Keith Brennan Westbourne Wanderers 1851
Gary Andrew Newark Ashes 1851
Adrian Cunnington Splinters in the Rear 1850
Adam Page Clueless XI 1849
Mark Wesson Elizabeth Disco  1848
Colin Shanks Shanks' Pony 1847
Ian Lightfoot Lightfoot in Oz 1844
Ben Thompson Glove Actually 1839
Neil Nicolson Nelly's Heroes 1837
James Clarke James' Xi 1836
Eric Alcock ones to watch 1835
Tim Bean Rhubarb Crumble 1832
James Busby Pomade  1831
Ross Walker Magic Moments 1827
Ian Belcher Beauclerk CC 1826
Colin Norton Tadley Tigers 1826
Jake Hyatt Lords of the Rings 1824
Andrew Dawson C'mon Boston 1823
Stuart Copeland stus stars 1822
Andy Measham Livingthedream 1821
Daniel Harrow DMH Xl 1821
Colin Burton STUART's broadside ... 1821
Marcus Wishart THE NIGHT WATCHMEN  1820
Mark Taylor Too Many Cooks? 1820
Andrew Hensley Ashes2Ashes2hopefullyriches 1819
Michael Anthony THE "A" TEAM 1818
Matt Roe Owsthatmatty 1818
Simon Justice Hello Mate 1816
Martin Neale Mansfield Outlaws 1816
Max Rayner Max down underarm 1814
Matthew Berrick NottsStags  1813
Matthew Adams The Tired Bowlers 1813
Guru Singh Shepshedian 1811
George Clark Cropwell Red Sox 1806
Charlotte Hall Charlie's Stars 1800
Steven Mullaney Samit 4 Mumbai Indians 1799
Kevin Marston Ashes to Ashes 1799
Graham Gunn George Gunn was my dad 1798
Paul Reedman Slightly Unathletic 1798
Tim knight Somerset Seconds 1798
Andrew Freeman Sherwood Forest 11 1796
Craig Smithurst Underwood 3rd Team 1795
Martyn Snell Gainsborough's Finest 1795
Joe Brooks Albion Allstars 1795
Harry Bell Goals Express 1795
Lashaune Weir Billy British  1792
Linda Hill Linda's A Team 1790
David Gunn Panthers Ashes 1790
Steve Williams Broadside 1788
Alex Denham Al's Ashes Army! 1788
Joel Lamy He bowls to the left 1783
Susan McGinley Charlie's Ashes 1783
Andrew Lilycrop Freddie Flintoff's Pedalo 1782
James Charlton Pentagon Quest 1780
Callum Downing Sieve's Squad 1780
John Harris Leicestershire Hopefuls 1779
James Burton Ashes all stars 1779
Pam Boulto Bodie 1777
Henry Dilley Dilleyshan Down Under 1777
Terry Crisp crispy`s crackers 1776
Gavin Mills Damphousewetdog 1774
Mark McGrath Jaff's Boys 1773
Owen Morgan Terras XI 1772
Kaman Atwal Nottingham Numptys 1770
Alastair Fearn The Dogs 1769
Bernard Rogers Wizards of Oz 1769
James Ward Pick n Mix 1767
Tom Farrimond the egg chaser's XI 1761
Jake Ball Pearl Domination 1759
Gareth Tighe CatchesWinMatches 1757
Rob Wise Rob's rabble 1757
Benjamin Bhabra Babs' Bashers 1755
Gabi Brown Gablaarrrr 1751
Robert Southall nottsthemanuofcricket 1751
Helen Meadows Flangipan Flingers 1751
Karen Winter Winter Wonderland 1751
Laura Powell-Perry Laura's Lads 1751
Nimesh Christian The Nemesis XI 1750
Mark Parker Get in my Belly 1750
Stephanie Gelder Booktrunkers 1750
Martin Barker Badgers United 1749
Shaun Cook Cookies crashers 1748
Kevin Butcher KJB Allstars  1747
James Noonan Noonan`s 5 1747
Marc Kirby Staggerin IX 1746
Dan Hutchings Beef,Lamb and Swann 1746
Martin Gibson Gibboland 1745
David Dean Onion Tale 1745
Andrew Lowe Woodside Outlaws 1745
Richard Ayling Chiefs XI 1745
Michael Lumb Lumby's Legends 1742
Mark Richardson Just Notts Cricket 1740
Kristy Shaw Kristy's 11 1740
Edward Jarosz Trentside 1740
Gregg Matthews The Dreaded In-laws 1740
Nic Rotton Linsdale Luvvies 1739
Jo Lillycrop Stumped For A Name 1738
Ian Dobbins The Wickets wanders  1736
Wayne Waters Batty Boys 1735
Nigel Cox Fox Road Foxes 1735
Alex Hales Vince And Company 1734
Stuart Cross Byron's Boys 1734
Simon Bingham bingo XI 1733
Ian Huskinson Husky's under performers 1733
Max Cranmer-Brown Team Name 1730
James Hartley Raisin From The Ashes 1729
Barbara Haslam The Winners 1728
Tom Pycroft Feed the snake  1728
Nick Gallagher Englash 1728
Samuel Stringfellow Stringy Strikers 1727
Tim Murphy Legside 1724
Tim Herring Redmile c c 1722
Harish Kotian Harry the Outlaw! 1714
Gary Donnelly Jerusalem Jewels 1714
Christina Smith notties champs 1712
Ian Beech Nottingham Pommy 1711
Dan Bray Dan's Dollies 1709
Ed Parry Parry XI 1708
Philip Hargrave Liz Hurleys Jaffas 1706
Suresh Chawla Lilac Sports Club 1705
Kirk Jones Storforth XI 1699
Matthew Brooks missmatch 11 1697
Jack Webb Jacks X 1697
Paul Lay Colwick Clubbers 1696
Matt Veasey Veasey XI 1694
Phillip Bray Phil's flyers 1693
Daniel Pritchett AshesBants 1692
Gary Prail Orient Boy 1692
Steve Baker Carnaby Wanderers 1692
Leslie Whall cooklkillem 1691
Chris Matthews Carnival Cricket Club 1690
Steve Bravery Brave Down Under XI 1690
Mick Evans Woodthorpe Winners 1685
Samit Patel Slippery's Stars 1684
Ryan King King Hitters 1684
Russell Warner Charlies Ashes Champs 1681
Russell Guille russells ozzy raiders 1681
Rob Thorpe Rob's Royals  1680
Peter Fullam Humphers 5 1679
Mike hainey Bo Team Selecta 1678
Chris Dilley Boston Bashers 1677
Stuart Cox cox's flops 1677
George Tinsley Armchair Cricketer 1675
Shaun Bluett Bangeston Barmy Army 1675
Chris Merriman MERRIMENS 1675
Jairaj Joshi English B-Ashes 1672
Austin Seels International Men of Mystery 1670
Matt Limon Convict Catchers 1669
Mark Taylor win or lose have a booze 1667
Sophie Allen Sophie's outlaws  1661
Dave Newman Newie XI 1659
Nick Mansey Runs & Wickets R Us 1658
Paul O'Brien PobbingtonPicklers 1654
Richard Bull Broadside Swanns 1653
William  Spry Quintessentials 1653
Robin Grouse Wollaton Bashers 1652
Michael Douglas Beeston Bombers 1651
Alice Townend Townie's Team 1651
Sophie Allen Sophies Superstars 1648
Lyndon James LJ's Bounders CC 1646
Rob Jones Robs Dream Team  1646
Tony Domagala Cimber's side 1646
James McGrady For The Win   1646
Andrew Trevers Gotham Gallopers 1646
Richard Crabb Nuneaton Wanderers 1643
Richard Gadd The Gaddiatoria 1639
Grant Humphrey Quacking Aussies 1639
Richard Beach SuperBeach Team 27 1631
Sandeep Dutta The Bomb Squad 1631
Mark Peachey Bunch of Fives 1631
Victor Hartshorn Victors russians 1631
Oliver Parker Olivers Army 1628
Kieran Clarke Clarkehhh CCC 1625
Paul Burden Goldikova 1622
Ben Harrison Chef's Special 1620
Bethany Harrison Beth's Team 1619
Hassan Azad The Bat Pad Men 1614
Stephen Doe Gonna Get Gibbo 1614
David Hobson Notts God's Country 1614
Cameron Cook cookies barmy army  1612
Robert Ellis rellishire 1611
Sanjay Pathak Pathak Warriors 1610
Tony Smith Trentbridgerules 1609
Sam Pacey Outlaws 11 1609
Alex Picker FIVE FROM SIX? 1606
Patricia O'Byrne Tring Troopers 1605
David Hobson Hobson's Choice 1596
Rachel Thomas Cherry 1595
Dale Marsh marshysmarvelousmachomen 1594
David Took Shane Watson Ate My Hamster CC 1594
Helen Crowther-Dowey crowthers outlaws inlaws 1593
Paul Crosby Amelies Ashes 1591
James Lazenby 111 Lazenby 1590
Richard Buttery nottinghamshires 1838 1590
Rebecca Parry Joe Lily CC 1590
John McGrady AUSSIE BASHERS 1587
Jackie Speed speedo Number 5 1586
Peter Cracknell Cracker jacks 1586
Sophie Lawrence Ashes Fury 1583
Steven Mills Mills_CC 1581
Vic Demain Scouting for goals 1581
Doug Hevness Dougs' Dayglo Demons 1580
Helen Cox Cox's Crackers 1577
Trevor Burton Skippers super stars 1573
Michael Dewis Lubidog Allstars 1573
William Tindall England 1572
Nigel Hall Hall's Heroes 1570
Andy Shaw Bob Willis' Barmy Army 1568
Owen Walters Bring Home The Ashes 1568
Alan Warner Warners  Winners 1565
Martyn Wiggins Beeston Outlaws 1565
Grenvill Sisson Underwood Bashers 1565

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