For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Warwickshire win by 3 wickets

Warwickshire 2nd Innings 333 for 7 (121.5 overs)

Extras6nb 5w 19b 14lb44
Total for 7333(121.5 ovs)
William RhodesL.B.W. Liam Patterson-White4414210360
Robert YatesL.B.W. Stuart Broad2302600
Gade VihariBowled Lyndon James8392500
Samuel HainCaught Tom Moores Bowled Dane Paterson5720615270
Matthew LambBowled Dane Paterson5014911370
Michael BurgessBowled Dane Paterson126800
Timothy BresnanNot Out6822014980
Oliver StoneCaught Tom Moores Bowled Stuart Broad4316012460
Danny BriggsNot Out16503420
Dominic Sibley
Oliver Hannon-Dalby
Stuart Broad3085421.80
Zachariah Chappell1545003.33
Lyndon James1114213.82
Dane Paterson2967732.66
Liam Patterson-White2155212.48
Steven Mullaney1542501.67
Fall of Wicket
1–13Robert Yates
2–34Gade Vihari
3–85William Rhodes
4–174Samuel Hain
5–181Matthew Lamb
6–184Michael Burgess
7–297Oliver Stone

Nottinghamshire 2nd Innings 260 All out (88.2 overs)

Extras2nb 0w 0b 2lb4
Total All out260(88.2 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterL.B.W. Olly Stone281000
Haseeb HameedCaught Michael Burgess Bowled Will Rhodes5315611340
Ben DuckettL.B.W. Will Rhodes25634230
Joseph ClarkeCaught Michael Burgess Bowled Olly Stone561049680
Lyndon JamesL.B.W. Olly Stone3112510350
Steven MullaneyCaught Rob Yates Bowled Danny Briggs421319541
Thomas MooresBowled Danny Briggs7372101
Liam Patterson-WhiteBowled Danny Briggs03100
Stuart BroadCaught Sam Hain Bowled Oliver Hannon-Dalby114200
Zachariah ChappellNot Out17392430
Dane PatersonCaught Oliver Hannon-Dalby Bowled Danny Briggs22332450
Oliver Hannon-Dalby1975312.79
Oliver Stone2136633.14
Timothy Bresnan1023703.70
William Rhodes1453122.21
Danny Briggs2346842.96
Robert Yates10303.00
Fall of Wicket
1–3Benjamin Slater
2–55Ben Duckett
3–131Haseeb Hameed
4–141Joseph Clarke
5–198Lyndon James
6–218Steven Mullaney
7–218Liam Patterson-White
8–219Thomas Moores
9–221Stuart Broad
10–260Dane Paterson

Warwickshire 1st Innings 201 All out (70.4 overs)

Extras10nb 0w 4b 2lb16
Total All out201(70.4 ovs)
William RhodesCaught Tom Moores Bowled Stuart Broad22513840
Robert YatesCaught Tom Moores Bowled Zak Chappell06100
Gade VihariCaught Haseeb Hameed Bowled Stuart Broad0402300
Danny BriggsL.B.W. Stuart Broad361319050
Samuel HainL.B.W. Liam Patterson-White7220314280
Matthew LambCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Lyndon James7392510
Michael BurgessL.B.W. Dane Paterson36926840
Timothy BresnanCaught Haseeb Hameed Bowled Dane Paterson12433520
Oliver StoneNot Out08400
Oliver Hannon-DalbyL.B.W. Dane Paterson03300
Dominic SibleyAbsent Hurt00000
Stuart Broad1955032.63
Zachariah Chappell1444012.86
Dane Paterson1516134.07
Steven Mullaney83901.13
Liam Patterson-White831011.25
Lyndon James602514.17
Fall of Wicket
1–4Robert Yates
2–23Gade Vihari
3–30William Rhodes
4–113Danny Briggs
5–138Matthew Lamb
6–176Samuel Hain
7–200Timothy Bresnan
8–201Michael Burgess
9–201Oliver Hannon-Dalby

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 273 All out (88.0 overs)

Extras2nb 1w 1b 5lb14
Total All out273(88.0 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterCaught Sam Hain Bowled Olly Stone5332210
Haseeb HameedCaught Dominic Sibley Bowled Will Rhodes19765420
Ben DuckettL.B.W. Tim Bresnan17492730
Joseph ClarkeCaught Michael Burgess Bowled Olly Stone291156330
Lyndon JamesRun Out Will Rhodes11262220
Steven MullaneyCaught Hanuma Vihari Bowled Will Rhodes31746650
Thomas MooresBowled Will Rhodes31786531
Liam Patterson-WhiteNot Out73189117120
Stuart BroadCaught Tim Bresnan Bowled Will Rhodes21231950
Zachariah ChappellCaught Sam Hain Bowled Tim Bresnan22987220
Dane PatersonCaught Matthew Lamb Bowled Tim Bresnan05200
Oliver Hannon-Dalby2475602.33
Oliver Stone2046723.35
Timothy Bresnan1764832.82
William Rhodes1845342.94
Danny Briggs812703.38
Gade Vihari1011011.00
Fall of Wicket
1–11Benjamin Slater
2–44Haseeb Hameed
3–44Ben Duckett
4–63Lyndon James
5–105Steven Mullaney
6–119Joseph Clarke
7–182Thomas Moores
8–210Stuart Broad
9–273Zachariah Chappell
10–273Dane Paterson


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