At Trent Bridge we work tirelessly to make sure your visit to our historic home is as enjoyable, safe and secure as possible.

Our hearty Trent Bridge welcome is world-renowned, and we also employ a host of security measures at our events – many of which you will see during your visit, and many more which you won’t.

Our site is under 24-hour surveillance, monitored via a central control room and a team of highly experienced staff who work closely with the local police and other authorities to share learnings, best practice intelligence and security procedures.

The ground regulations, and terms of entry, can be found by clicking here…

Our staff

Whichever member of our team you come into contact with during your visit, we dearly hope you find them to be both professional and highly approachable. They will all, meanwhile, have your safety at the heart of everything they do.

You are also likely to come into contact with our dedicated team of volunteers, who will be situated around the venue to support our attendees in way finding and other general queries and questions. We kindly ask that you co-operate with the security checks and support the staff as they conduct their checks to keep us all safe.

We encourage all of our visitors to remain vigilant, and if you notice anything or anyone which gives you the slightest concern, we would enthuse you to report this to one of our friendly staff who will ensure your concerns are fully investigated.

All of our staff are in constant communication with each other, including our Control Room, enabling any incidents to be acted upon in a matter of seconds.


Security checks on arrival

Depending on which event you are attending will depending on which entrances and exits are in use. For any cricket events, please consult the match day guide which will detail further information about access and egress procedures.

At the entrance, our friendly gate staff will kindly ask you to present your ticket for scanning. Should there be any problem with your ticket you will be directed to the Ticket Office who will happily assist.

Should you be carrying any bags, or other belongings, the team will kindly request to perform a security check. If you have any medical, or other prohibitive, reasons why a security check cannot be conducted, we politely request that you advise us in advance in order to make alternative search arrangements.

We’d kindly request that you arrive in plenty of time so security checks can be completed at the gates.

This procedure is for the safety of you and your fellow supporters.


Bag policy

We do allow bags into the ground, however we kindly ask you to check the regulations set by the competition as to which items are eligible.

We are unable to accommodate any suitcases, travel bags or holdalls, and do not have the facility to house these in the ground during your visit. We kindly ask that you store any luggage elsewhere before arriving at the ground.

We also, respectfully, ask you to consider your fellow spectators when locating your handbags, rucksacks and picnic bags in and around your seating areas, and refrain from blocking any walkways and exit routes.


Electronic devices

In relation to the cricket match taking place at the ground, spectators are not permitted to use a mobile telephone, tablet, laptop, computer or other kind of communication device to either (i) communicate or in any way transmit any form of commentary, data or other material, for any kind of betting or corrupt or unlawful purpose; or (ii) conduct continuous betting trading activity.


Keeping you safe

We work closely alongside Nottinghamshire Police to help protect the Trent Bridge community and ensure your entertainment isn’t hampered by any malpractice on or off the field. Officers undertake training sessions at the ground, so can also help with any facility-related queries, or point you in the direction of our friendly volunteers or staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

We make extensive use of CCTV around the venue to assist with security and pinpoint any issues, both as they occur and retrospectively.

If you appear to be lost, our friendly security staff will be able to help and are the first port of call for any concerns you may have.

We would like to reassure all attendees that we have a thorough security regime, which is designed to assure that you are in safe hands while visiting Trent Bridge.


Reporting Discrimination

If you are aware of or witness discrimination at any level of cricket in Nottinghamshire, including matches at Trent Bridge, we urge you to report it to us so that we can investigate and take appropriate action.

You can do so by sending a text message to 88440 with further details, starting your message with ‘Notts’.

Alternatively, telephone 0115 982 3000, email, or write to the HR Manager, Trent Bridge, Bridgford Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6AG


Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club acknowledges our duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Our aim is to ensure that all children that participate in cricket have a safe, positive and fun experience.

We are committed to ensuring that our safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities and government guidance.

Our Safeguarding policy can be found here…


First aid

We have multiple trauma first aid kits at Trent Bridge which are accessible to the public in the event of an emergency. We also have defibrillators on site and additional medical providers during live events, and we provide first aid training to members of front-line staff.


A safe space

Whilst live events are incredibly exciting, we also understand that sometimes they can be overwhelming.

If you, or somebody you're attending the venue with, feels anxious or overwhelmed please let a steward or member of our staff know and they will assist you to a safe space. 



Accessibility at Trent Bridge

All members of staff at Trent Bridge are here to help our visitors have a marvellous time.

We aim to fully understand the needs of each of our visitors to ensure that we provide a positive experience for all.

To discuss any particular needs that you may have as a visitor, please contact our friendly Ticket Office team on 0115 899 0300 during office hours, or by email on

For more information about accessibility please click here…