For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2022 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Nottinghamshire win by an innings and 9 runs

Leicestershire 2nd Innings 99 All out (45.0 overs)

Extras0nb 0w 0b 1lb1
Total All out99(45.0 ovs)
Mohammad AzadCaught (Sub) Bowled Dane Paterson341167260
Rishi PatelCaught (Sub) Bowled Brett Hutton14191720
Lewis HillCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Dane Paterson6252110
Colin AckermannLbw Brett Hutton9131220
Peter MulderCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Dane Paterson3271900
Nicholas WelchLbw Liam Patterson-White3191300
Harry SwindellsCaught James Pattinson Bowled Liam Patterson-White21746620
Benjamin MikeCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Liam Patterson-White7282400
Callum ParkinsonLbw Liam Patterson-White019900
William DavisCaught (Sub) Bowled James Pattinson1101300
Christopher WrightNot Out014400
Louis Kimber
Brett Hutton722022.86
James Pattinson1143313.00
Dane Paterson1453032.14
Liam Patterson-White1351541.15
Fall of Wicket
1–21Rishi Patel
2–31Lewis Hill
3–40Colin Ackermann
4–51Peter Mulder
5–70Nicholas Welch
6–74Mohammad Azad
7–85Benjamin Mike
8–98Callum Parkinson
9–99William Davis
10–99Harry Swindells

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 548 for 9 (108.3 overs)

Extras10nb 5w 25b 9lb49
Total for 9548(108.3 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterCaught Harry Swindells Bowled Wiaan Mulder12413100
Haseeb HameedBowled Ben Mike598864120
Ben DuckettBowled Callum Parkinson145198153210
Joseph ClarkeCaught Colin Ackermann Bowled Callum Parkinson89195114130
Lyndon JamesCaught Wiaan Mulder Bowled Chris Wright03300
Steven MullaneyCaught Harry Swindells Bowled Wiaan Mulder629079100
Thomas MooresRetired notout8117511972
Liam Patterson-WhiteCaught Colin Ackermann Bowled Ben Mike34594960
James PattinsonCaught Lewis Hill Bowled Wiaan Mulder14500
Brett HuttonBowled Chris Wright14333310
Dane PatersonNot Out214600
Christopher Wright24010824.50
Peter Mulder22210234.64
Benjamin Mike2019824.90
William Davis21110705.10
Callum Parkinson2129924.71
Fall of Wicket
1–47Benjamin Slater
2–113Haseeb Hameed
3–311Ben Duckett
4–314Lyndon James
5–360Joseph Clarke
6–418Steven Mullaney
7–487Liam Patterson-White
8–488James Pattinson
9–515Brett Hutton

Leicestershire 1st Innings 440 All out (116.3 overs)

Extras4nb 0w 15b 11lb30
Total All out440(116.3 ovs)
Mohammad AzadCaught Brett Hutton Bowled James Pattinson57610
Rishi PatelCaught Joe Clarke Bowled Dane Paterson26634550
Lewis HillBowled Steven Mullaney104207133150
Colin AckermannCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Liam Patterson-White11631325390
Peter MulderCaught Tom Moores Bowled James Pattinson11311910
Louis KimberBowled Liam Patterson-White33635450
Harry SwindellsBowled Brett Hutton17600
Benjamin MikeCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Steven Mullaney7815310092
Callum ParkinsonCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Liam Patterson-White091100
Christopher WrightLbw Brett Hutton4201310
William DavisNot Out32686130
Brett Hutton2978723.00
James Pattinson2149424.48
Dane Paterson2319614.17
Lyndon James1415003.57
Liam Patterson-White1634532.81
Steven Mullaney1304223.23
Fall of Wicket
1–5Mohammad Azad
2–63Rishi Patel
3–204Lewis Hill
4–231Peter Mulder
5–300Louis Kimber
6–302Harry Swindells
7–338Colin Ackermann
8–340Callum Parkinson
9–351Christopher Wright
10–440Benjamin Mike


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