Further action is required to secure your seat for the Vitality IT20 between England and Pakistan at Trent Bridge. It’s really rather important that you read and follow the information below.

We are eagerly anticipating welcoming a capacity crowd to Trent Bridge on Friday 16 July as part of the government’s Event Research Programme.

Our dedicated team is working hard to ensure that everyone can enjoy the fixture in a safe and secure way, and your match tickets are either being prepared for posting or are within your ticketing account ready for you to download, depending on whether or not you selected e-tickets as your method of redemption.

However, because the match is a pilot event under the auspices of the Event Research Programme, there are some important steps you – as well as everyone else in your party – will need to take or prepare for now in order to play your part in what’s sure to be a splendid occasion at our historic venue.


What all spectators need to do to gain entry

  1. Complete a form and opt in to taking part in the event research programme. 
  2. Demonstrate via one of the approved methods outlined below that you have either received your second vaccination 14 days or more prior to the event, or have produced a negative lateral flow test result.

Kindly note that this applies to all spectators and, therefore, if you are a lead booker, you will need to forward this information to everyone within your party.


Personal details and consent

As this is a scientific study, current Covid legislation will not be applied within our venue during the duration of the event.

A condition of entry for all attendees, therefore, is to provide their name, address, date of birth and contact information, and to consent to taking part in the Events Research Programme.

As the ticket purchaser, it’s really rather important for you to ensure that you and every other member of your group completes the information required at your earliest opportunity, as it must be provided in advance of the day of the game. 

Complete the consent form here, and kindly share it with the others in your party at your first opportunity.


What to do if you are fully vaccinated

If you are fully vaccinated, and your second vaccination took place more than 14 days ago, you can generate an NHS Covid Pass via one of the methods outlined below.

Kindly note that an NHS Covid Pass lasts for 48 hours so will need to be generated within two days of the game.

Showing a vaccination appointment card will not be sufficient to gain entry on the day of the game.

Information on how to generate an NHS Covid Pass is outlined below, with the preferred method for those registered with a GP in England and aged 16 or over being via the NHS App.

Option 1: By downloading and registering for the NHS App

Click here to download the NHS App on an Apple device or here to do so on an Android phone.

Once you have registered for the app, wait until two days before the game then click on ‘Get Your NHS Covid Pass’ and follow the on screen instructions.

2. Via the NHS website

You can generate an NHS Covid Pass via the NHS website here...

If neither of the digital methods are available to you, you can request a printed letter as proof of double vaccination via telephone on 119, in which case do so at your earliest opportunity as it is likely to take five working days to arrive.

If you are a resident of Wales, Scotland or any other devolved administration area that provides their own certified equivalent of the NHS Covid Pass, this will also be accepted as proof of Covid status on the gate.

If such certification isn’t available to you at this time, the method of securing entry will be via lateral flow testing as per the below.


What to do if you are not fully vaccinated

Proof of a negative lateral flow test, which must be taken within 48 hours of attending the event, can be shown alongside a valid match ticket to gain entry.

For those aged 16 or over and registered with a GP in England, the preferred method by which to demonstrate your lateral flow test is by generating an NHS Covid Pass having downloaded and registered for the NHS App (kindly note that this is different to the NHS Covid-19 app being used for track and trace).

Alternative methods, including those that are available to UK residents outside of England and those aged 11-15, are also available and referred to below.

Click here to download the NHS App on an Apple device or here to do so on an Android phone.

Lateral flow tests can be ordered to your home address for free via the government website or collected from a local pharmacy. We would encourage people to attend a testing centre to help with the correct method of taking a lateral flow test.

You will need to submit the result of your lateral flow test here and this will automatically populate within your profile on the NHS App, which will in turn allow you to generate a Covid Pass.

We would heartily recommend taking the option provided of either downloading a PDF copy or receiving an offline copy by email, just in case your phone signal proves to be a little tardy on the day, albeit you will be able to show your NHS Covid Pass on screen in order to gain entry.

Alternatively, you have the option of receiving your proof of lateral flow test by email or SMS and showing that on the gate alongside your match ticket to gain entry. This method is available to overseas nationals, residents of devolved administration areas such as Scotland and Wales and those aged 11-15, all via the above link.


Arrival at our historic venue

Please bring along some form of photographic identification, in case we need it to authenticate your NHS Covid Pass.

The gates of our venue will open at 4.30pm. Kindly approach the gate designated on your ticket and arrive as soon after that time as you can. We will be sure to keep you entertained both in our concourse areas and in your seat.

Please allow plenty of time to get into the venue, endeavour to keep bags and belongings to a minimum and engage with our friendly staff and volunteers, as the process will take a little longer than usual and we wouldn’t want you to miss any of the action.

Be sure to have your NHS Covid Pass or approved proof of Covid status ready, open and in your hand from as soon as you arrive within the queue, as well as having your ticket ready for our friendly stewards to scan.

Ticket holders travelling to the event are advised to follow the Department for Transport's Safer Travel guidance advice.


Whilst you are within our venue

Although Covid legislation will not apply within Trent Bridge for the duration of the event, we would request that spectators apply a face covering whilst moving around the venue.

Please look out for directional signage, follow the advice of our friendly stewards and only use your allocated seat throughout.

Please behave responsibly, be courteous to your fellow spectators and our staff, and follow the instructions on the big screens and given by the match announcer on the day.

Kindly note that exit arrangements may be staggered in order to ensure safe passage for all.

Note that our usual ground regulations continue to apply.


In summary...

The information above provides all the detail, but the two key things to remember are:

  1. That every spectator must complete the consent form and opt in to take part in the Events Research Programme.
  2. That you'll need to demonstrate proof of double vaccination (second dose 14 days or more prior) or a negative lateral flow test (within 48 hours of the event), in order to gain entry. You must evidence this via one of the approved methods outlined above.


Should you require assistance

For further information on the upcoming fixture, browse our Frequently Asked Questions here...

If, having considered the above, you no longer wish to attend, you may claim a full refund by completing our short form before 12 noon on Thursday 8 July.

If you find yourself in need of assistance, please contact the dedicated helpline on 0800 408 4525 (8am-8pm daily) or email our friendly team at questions@nottsccc.co.uk, and we will come back to you as quickly as we can.

Wait times for a response may be a little longer than usual, so please remain patient.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Trent Bridge.