We’re looking to join forces in 2007 with Northamptonshire for amatch with Lancashire, and with Glamorgan to play Gloucestershire.

Noonexplained: “The number of players on the staff is likely to be smallerin 2007 so where possible we want to be able to offer to those not inthe First XI the chance to play in a strong team.

“Pairing upwith another county means you are not picking players just for the sakeof it. I’ve deliberately talked to counties where I know their SecondXI coach well, so we should be able to work together without anyproblems.

“I’ve always believed that the aim in Second XIChampionship matches is not to win but to prepare players for the stepup to first team action. Combining with Northants and Glamorgan willmean we’re playing a better standard of cricket and that means betterpreparation.

“It’s an experiment that others have used and one I’m looking forward to.”