Samuel Parr, the eldest of the three Parr brothers that graced Nottinghamshire cricket in the middle part ofd the 19th Century, made his debut in 1840 and his career with Nottinghamshire ran on to 1855, with 16 major matches.

It is interesting that he played just three seasons with Clarke’s All England Eleven, whereas a number of Notts players spent much of their career with that side – Clarke’s side played between 20 and 30 three-day matches each summer and thus the players earned a good income. In contrast the Notts side played three or four matches a year and in some seasons during the 1840s and 1850s none at all.

Parr was a practical joker. Many of his jokes are related in Richard Daft’s memoirs but the recipients did not find the jokes amusing – perhaps that’s why Parr did not last long with Clarke’s troupe of players

Originally a commercial traveller in wines and spirits, Parr became landlord of the Spread Eagle in Long Row, Nottingham and later the Home & Away, where he died in 1873.

April 2020