William Horsley is dealt with rather brusquely in a brief press review of his county career, viz: ‘He made top score of 13 and 24 (for XXII Colts in 1862) so he must have been able to bat a little. He also bowled lobs, but as his capabilities were not found to be up to the high standard of excellence required in a player for Nottinghamshire, he was shunted.’

He had played his first important cricket match in 1858, being one of the XXII of Hallam and Staveley to play the All England Eleven at Hyde Park, Sheffield.  In  the first innings he was one of 12 victims of Nottinghamshire's 'demon' John Jackson, scoring nought, a tally he matched in the second innings, though 'not out' as the XXII sneaked a one-wicket win.

In his two First-Class games, he made 2 and 13no against Cambridgeshire and 16 in his only innings v Surrey, figures that make the press comments seem harsh.  He did not bowl in either game.

William Horsley was born in Southwell on  6 June 1835, where he was a tailor by trade, and played chiefly for the Southwell Town Club; He died in his home village on 29 August 1864 aged 29.

July 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 95

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