A finely-crafted selection to savour.





Mid Morning:

Freshly made pain aux raisin and a carton of orange juice


Lunch :

Two Freshly Baked Artisan Rolls :

  • Sticky Asian Glazed Chargrilled Aubergine with a Cucumber, Spring Onion Asian Lettuce Salad
    • Sweet and sticky aubergine with a mild kick, which is cooled and complimented by cucumber baton, sliced spring onions and crispy sald leaves served on a herb focaccia
  • Milano Salami with Schlossberger Swiss Cheese, Black Olive Tapenade and Rocket Salad
    • Tuscan salami with a rich grated hard Swiss cheese, moderately salty and buttery, complimented with a savoury tang of the tapenade on a soft ciabatta


Vegetable Samosas

  • Handmade crispy pastry with a lightly spiced filling



  • Chunky shredded vegetables dressed with a light, zesty yuzu dressing with naturally brewed tamari soy sauce


Nudi Snack’s Cauliflower Crisps (20g)

  • An innovative crispy cauliflower snack


A Single Serve of still water


Afternoon Nibble

Original Baker Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownie

Seasonal Orchard Apple


Provided within a recyclable paper takeout bag