For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Yorkshire win by 143 runs

Nottinghamshire 2nd Innings 243 All out (79.0 overs)

Extras4nb 0w 9b 5lb18
Total All out243(79.0 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterCaught Tom Kohler-Cadmore Bowled Duanne Olivier18302530
Jacob LibbyCaught Jonathan Tattersall Bowled Steven Patterson11553820
Chris NashL.B.W. Keshav Maharaj30957450
Joseph ClarkeCaught Jonathan Tattersall Bowled Keshav Maharaj4171110
Ben DuckettCaught Will Fraine Bowled Duanne Olivier75135110102
Liam Patterson-WhiteNot Out5817713461
Thomas MooresCaught Will Fraine Bowled Keshav Maharaj5171400
Paul CoughlinCaught Adam Lyth Bowled Tim Bresnan9413710
Luke WoodBowled Keshav Maharaj06400
Luke FletcherL.B.W. Keshav Maharaj15272820
Jacob BallCaught Adam Lyth Bowled Keshav Maharaj02100
Ben Coad1122101.91
Duanne Olivier1525423.60
Keshav Maharaj3079563.17
Steven Patterson1132512.27
Timothy Bresnan1033113.10
Adam Lyth20301.50
Fall of Wicket
1–29Benjamin Slater
2–42Jacob Libby
3–51Joseph Clarke
4–103Chris Nash
5–181Ben Duckett
6–187Thomas Moores
7–218Paul Coughlin
8–219Luke Wood
9–243Luke Fletcher
10–243Jacob Ball

Yorkshire 2nd Innings 338 All out (101.3 overs)

Extras16nb 1w 8b 2lb27
Total All out338(101.3 ovs)
Adam LythCaught Paul Coughlin Bowled Liam Patterson-White8118814392
William FraineL.B.W. Luke Fletcher24815820
Gary BallanceCaught (Sub) Bowled Luke Wood6117413880
Steven PattersonCaught Chris Nash Bowled Paul Coughlin9403010
Tom Kohler-CadmoreL.B.W. Luke Fletcher5916912180
Harry BrookCaught Jake Ball Bowled Liam Patterson-White18453020
Jonathan TattersallCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Luke Fletcher7493310
Timothy BresnanCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Fletcher2322400
Keshav MaharajCaught and Bowled Paul Coughlin35422533
Ben CoadCaught Paul Coughlin Bowled Luke Fletcher1117920
Duanne OlivierNot Out48610
Luke Fletcher2766752.48
Luke Wood1337115.46
Jacob Ball2165902.81
Paul Coughlin1845823.22
Liam Patterson-White2227323.32
Fall of Wicket
1–64William Fraine
2–172Adam Lyth
3–185Steven Patterson
4–199Gary Ballance
5–232Harry Brook
6–273Jonathan Tattersall
7–281Timothy Bresnan
8–302Tom Kohler-Cadmore
9–320Ben Coad
10–338Keshav Maharaj

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 184 All out (61.0 overs)

Extras4nb 0w 4b 1lb9
Total All out184(61.0 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterCaught Jonathan Tattersall Bowled Ben Coad29614840
Jacob LibbyBowled Duanne Olivier18796320
Chris NashCaught and Bowled Duanne Olivier33433770
Joseph ClarkeCaught Jonathan Tattersall Bowled Ben Coad8341910
Ben DuckettBowled Keshav Maharaj13583701
Liam Patterson-WhiteCaught Jonathan Tattersall Bowled Steven Patterson15706520
Thomas MooresCaught Jonathan Tattersall Bowled Duanne Olivier48744963
Paul CoughlinCaught Harry Brook Bowled Keshav Maharaj0111100
Luke WoodCaught Adam Lyth Bowled Ben Coad6332510
Luke FletcherCaught Harry Brook Bowled Duanne Olivier4171210
Jacob BallNot Out15200
Ben Coad1635833.63
Duanne Olivier1736043.53
Keshav Maharaj1544923.27
Steven Patterson1391210.92
Fall of Wicket
1–41Benjamin Slater
2–65Jacob Libby
3–90Chris Nash
4–94Joseph Clarke
5–125Ben Duckett
6–131Liam Patterson-White
7–132Paul Coughlin
8–173Luke Wood
9–179Thomas Moores
10–184Luke Fletcher

Yorkshire 1st Innings 232 All out (76.1 overs)

Extras14nb 0w 0b 5lb19
Total All out232(76.1 ovs)
Adam LythCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Wood48710
William FraineCaught Chris Nash Bowled Luke Wood11623510
Gary BallanceCaught Jake Libby Bowled Luke Wood03200
Tom Kohler-CadmoreBowled Luke Wood18600
Harry BrookCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Wood610610
Jonathan TattersallCaught Tom Moores Bowled Liam Patterson-White9224319790
Timothy BresnanCaught Tom Moores Bowled Liam Patterson-White5815812280
Keshav MaharajBowled Luke Fletcher7221401
Steven PattersonNot Out16604420
Ben CoadL.B.W. Liam Patterson-White491010
Duanne OlivierBowled Liam Patterson-White14202120
Luke Fletcher1724612.71
Luke Wood1706753.94
Jacob Ball1334403.38
Paul Coughlin1213603.00
Liam Patterson-White1753442.00
Fall of Wicket
1–5Adam Lyth
2–5Gary Ballance
3–7Tom Kohler-Cadmore
4–13Harry Brook
5–38William Fraine
6–159Timothy Bresnan
7–178Keshav Maharaj
8–204Jonathan Tattersall
9–212Ben Coad
10–232Duanne Olivier


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