For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Lancashire Lightning win by 3 runs

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 148 for 9 (20.0 overs)

Extras0nb 2w 0b 1lb3
Total for 9148(20.0 ovs)
Joseph ClarkeL.B.W. Richard Gleeson01100
Alex HalesCaught Glenn Maxwell Bowled Matthew Parkinson29351850
Ben DuckettCaught Glenn Maxwell Bowled Richard Gleeson13171520
Samit PatelCaught Alex Davies Bowled Matthew Parkinson34362950
Thomas MooresCaught Glenn Maxwell Bowled Liam Livingstone18161710
Daniel ChristianNot Out41312413
Syed WasimL.B.W. Liam Livingstone14200
Luke WoodStumped Dane Vilas Bowled Matthew Parkinson58500
Matthew CarterBowled James Faulkner412800
Zachariah ChappellCaught Glenn Maxwell Bowled James Faulkner02100
Harry GurneyNot Out02000
Richard Gleeson302829.33
Saqib Mahmood3030010.00
James Faulkner403228.00
Matthew Parkinson402235.50
Liam Livingstone402225.50
Glenn Maxwell201306.50
Fall of Wicket
1–0Joseph Clarke
2–29Ben Duckett
3–65Alex Hales
4–96Thomas Moores
5–99Samit Patel
6–101Syed Wasim
7–113Luke Wood
8–142Matthew Carter
9–142Zachariah Chappell

Lancashire 1st Innings 151 for 6 (20.0 overs)

Extras2nb 3w 2b 1lb8
Total for 6151(20.0 ovs)
Alexander DaviesBowled Luke Wood01100
Liam LivingstoneBowled Imad Wasim316900
Steven CroftBowled Luke Wood15300
Keaton JenningsStumped Tom Moores Bowled Samit Patel16322410
Glenn MaxwellCaught Samit Patel Bowled Harry Gurney73634672
Dane VilasL.B.W. Harry Gurney46423640
James FaulknerNot Out44210
Joshua BohannonNot Out02000
Saqib Mahmood
Richard Gleeson
Matthew Parkinson
Luke Wood301023.33
Matthew Carter302207.33
Syed Wasim413117.75
Harry Gurney4042210.50
Samit Patel301414.67
Zachariah Chappell302909.67
Fall of Wicket
1–0Alexander Davies
2–2Steven Croft
3–14Liam Livingstone
4–35Keaton Jennings
5–142Dane Vilas
6–147Glenn Maxwell


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