For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Yorkshire win by 90 runs

Nottinghamshire 2nd Innings 97 All out (29.2 overs)

Extras6nb 0w 0b 1lb7
Total All out97(29.2 ovs)
Chris NashL.B.W. Duanne Olivier11191820
Haseeb HameedCaught Jonny Bairstow Bowled Dominic Leech1291500
Ben DuckettCaught Dawid Malan Bowled Duanne Olivier19512220
Joseph ClarkeCaught and Bowled Duanne Olivier18563930
Steven MullaneyCaught Jonny Bairstow Bowled Steven Patterson5241310
Peter TregoL.B.W. Jack Shutt7361900
Thomas MooresBowled Jordan Thompson813820
Samit PatelCaught Dawid Malan Bowled Jack Shutt14402320
Zachariah ChappellCaught Jack Shutt Bowled Jordan Thompson011900
Matthew CarterL.B.W. Jordan Thompson7101110
Jacob BallNot Out04200
Duanne Olivier1042932.90
Dominic Leech412015.00
Steven Patterson712713.86
Jordan Thompson51631.20
Jack Shutt301424.67
Fall of Wicket
1–16Chris Nash
2–16Haseeb Hameed
3–46Ben Duckett
4–61Joseph Clarke
5–61Steven Mullaney
6–74Thomas Moores
7–82Peter Trego
8–89Zachariah Chappell
9–97Matthew Carter
10–97Samit Patel

Yorkshire 2nd Innings 278 All out (108.2 overs)

Extras2nb 0w 13b 8lb23
Total All out278(108.2 ovs)
Adam LythCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Samit Patel5017212460
Tom Kohler-CadmoreCaught Matthew Carter Bowled Zak Chappell06100
Jonathan BairstowCaught Haseeb Hameed Bowled Matthew Carter75171140140
Dawid MalanCaught Haseeb Hameed Bowled Matthew Carter1131100
Harry BrookCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Samit Patel30674821
Jonathan TattersallCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Matthew Carter5322418050
Jordan ThompsonCaught Matthew Carter Bowled Zak Chappell33989640
Steven PattersonCaught Tom Moores Bowled Zak Chappell45410
Duanne OlivierCaught Tom Moores Bowled Zak Chappell8322320
Dominic LeechCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Matthew Carter1141100
Jack ShuttNot Out0181300
Jacob Ball31501.67
Zachariah Chappell1735943.47
Peter Trego1032602.60
Matthew Carter40147641.90
Steven Mullaney711602.29
Samit Patel2655722.19
Chris Nash511803.60
Fall of Wicket
1–4Tom Kohler-Cadmore
2–135Adam Lyth
3–135Jonathan Bairstow
4–136Dawid Malan
5–186Harry Brook
6–240Jordan Thompson
7–246Steven Patterson
8–262Duanne Olivier
9–267Dominic Leech
10–278Jonathan Tattersall

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 355 All out (95.1 overs)

Extras12nb 6w 11b 9lb38
Total All out355(95.1 ovs)
Chris NashBowled Steven Patterson8322120
Haseeb HameedCaught Adam Lyth Bowled Dominic Leech211006840
Ben DuckettCaught Adam Lyth Bowled Duanne Olivier4393110
Joseph ClarkeRun Out Jordan Thompson35916150
Steven MullaneyL.B.W. Adam Lyth501198581
Peter TregoCaught Harry Brook Bowled Duanne Olivier39796650
Thomas MooresBowled Steven Patterson106183140123
Samit PatelCaught Harry Brook Bowled Dawid Malan381097540
Zachariah ChappellCaught Jonny Bairstow Bowled Jordan Thompson1131300
Jacob BallCaught Adam Lyth Bowled Dawid Malan04100
Matthew CarterNot Out15371621
Duanne Olivier1948824.63
Steven Patterson21103821.81
Dominic Leech1024214.20
Jordan Thompson1653712.31
Harry Brook20502.50
Jack Shutt804906.13
Adam Lyth1315214.00
Dawid Malan612424.00
Fall of Wicket
1–13Chris Nash
2–30Ben Duckett
3–55Haseeb Hameed
4–115Joseph Clarke
5–163Steven Mullaney
6–187Peter Trego
7–286Samit Patel
8–293Zachariah Chappell
9–294Jacob Ball
10–355Thomas Moores

Yorkshire 1st Innings 264 All out (81.2 overs)

Extras4nb 0w 12b 2lb18
Total All out264(81.2 ovs)
Adam LythL.B.W. Jake Ball4121400
Tom Kohler-CadmoreCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Matthew Carter21915920
Jonathan BairstowCaught Samit Patel Bowled Zak Chappell5422210
Dawid MalanCaught Tom Moores Bowled Zak Chappell9121020
Harry BrookBowled Chris Nash6217111191
Jonathan TattersallL.B.W. Samit Patel3110711040
Jordan ThompsonCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Chris Nash98120103114
Steven PattersonCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Chris Nash11342600
Duanne OlivierL.B.W. Samit Patel5211710
Jack ShuttL.B.W. Matthew Carter04500
Dominic LeechNot Out0201300
Jacob Ball1454112.93
Zachariah Chappell1336424.92
Steven Mullaney40902.25
Matthew Carter2784421.63
Samit Patel1737224.24
Chris Nash602033.33
Fall of Wicket
1–6Adam Lyth
2–23Jonathan Bairstow
3–33Dawid Malan
4–44Tom Kohler-Cadmore
5–136Jonathan Tattersall
6–176Harry Brook
7–218Steven Patterson
8–231Duanne Olivier
9–232Jack Shutt
10–264Jordan Thompson


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