For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Match Drawn

Nottinghamshire 2nd Innings 44 for 2 (27.2 overs)

Extras0nb 0w 0b 0lb0
Total for 244(27.2 ovs)
Benjamin ComptonCaught Alastair Cook Bowled Peter Siddle8302400
Benjamin SlaterNot Out191028720
Ben DuckettBowled Shane Snater16514320
Joseph ClarkeNot Out1221000
Lyndon James
Steven Mullaney
Thomas Moores
Liam Patterson-White
Luke Fletcher
Dane Paterson
Brett Hutton
Samuel Cook511002.00
Peter Siddle621011.67
Simon Harmer1151101.00
Shane Snater521312.60
Fall of Wicket
1–11Benjamin Compton
2–35Ben Duckett

Essex 1st Innings 210 All out (89.1 overs)

Extras6nb 0w 9b 7lb22
Total All out210(89.1 ovs)
Nicholas BrowneCaught Tom Moores Bowled Brett Hutton615910
Alastair CookCaught Tom Moores Bowled Brett Hutton5241500
Thomas WestleyBowled Liam Patterson-White7123317480
Michael-Kyle PepperCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Fletcher081000
Paul WalterBowled Liam Patterson-White211028410
Ryan ten DoeschateCaught Joe Clarke Bowled Brett Hutton14634020
Adam WheaterCaught Ben Compton Bowled Lyndon James10553210
Shane SnaterL.B.W. Brett Hutton24917230
Simon HarmerL.B.W. Luke Fletcher201018130
Peter SiddleNot Out11191120
Samuel CookBowled Brett Hutton6131010
Luke Fletcher2193221.52
Brett Hutton2696552.50
Dane Paterson1743402.00
Liam Patterson-White1643722.31
Lyndon James922612.89
Fall of Wicket
1–11Nicholas Browne
2–14Alastair Cook
3–15Michael-Kyle Pepper
4–70Paul Walter
5–108Ryan ten Doeschate
6–143Thomas Westley
7–143Adam Wheater
8–193Shane Snater
9–195Simon Harmer
10–210Samuel Cook

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 293 All out (118.1 overs)

Extras8nb 0w 6b 1lb15
Total All out293(118.1 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterL.B.W. Shane Snater25644550
Benjamin ComptonCaught Alastair Cook Bowled Peter Siddle1117920
Ben DuckettL.B.W. Peter Siddle28300
Joseph ClarkeCaught Shane Snater Bowled Simon Harmer67162119120
Lyndon JamesCaught Alastair Cook Bowled Peter Siddle54215163100
Steven MullaneyCaught Alastair Cook Bowled Shane Snater5522617861
Thomas MooresBowled Sam Cook12463620
Liam Patterson-WhiteBowled Simon Harmer3112210040
Brett HuttonL.B.W. Simon Harmer10524420
Luke FletcherCaught Paul Walter Bowled Simon Harmer08500
Dane PatersonNot Out11161101
Samuel Cook30116412.13
Peter Siddle2568733.48
Shane Snater24114521.88
Simon Harmer33117142.15
Paul Walter411403.50
Ryan ten Doeschate20502.50
Fall of Wicket
1–24Benjamin Compton
2–26Ben Duckett
3–48Benjamin Slater
4–171Lyndon James
5–176Steven Mullaney
6–190Thomas Moores
7–261Joseph Clarke
8–272Liam Patterson-White
9–272Luke Fletcher
10–293Brett Hutton


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