For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Birmingham Bears win by 18 runs

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 211 for 9 (20.0 overs)

Extras0nb 8w 0b 2lb10
Total for 9211(20.0 ovs)
Joseph ClarkeCaught Michael Burgess Bowled Carlos Brathwaite811710
Alex HalesCaught Will Rhodes Bowled Danny Briggs03200
Peter TregoCaught Will Rhodes Bowled Tim Bresnan23141222
Ben DuckettCaught Ed Pollock Bowled Jake Lintott51322772
Thomas MooresCaught Tim Bresnan Bowled Carlos Brathwaite38402132
Steven MullaneyCaught and Bowled Will Rhodes116511
Samit PatelCaught Ed Pollock Bowled Jake Lintott20171321
Calvin HarrisonNot Out22241820
Luke FletcherRun Out Jake Lintott23131131
Matthew CarterCaught Jake Lintott Bowled Craig Miles13200
Dane PatersonNot Out43210
Danny Briggs4041110.25
Daniel Mousley2027013.50
Carlos Brathwaite302829.33
Timothy Bresnan3038112.67
Craig Miles403619.00
Jacob Lintott3030210.00
William Rhodes10919.00
Fall of Wicket
1–1Alex Hales
2–30Joseph Clarke
3–40Peter Trego
4–113Ben Duckett
5–131Steven Mullaney
6–148Thomas Moores
7–167Samit Patel
8–203Luke Fletcher
9–205Matthew Carter

Warwickshire 1st Innings 229 for 5 (20.0 overs)

Extras2nb 8w 0b 3lb13
Total for 5229(20.0 ovs)
Adam HoseL.B.W. Luke Fletcher32191732
Edward PollockBowled Matthew Carter62453463
William RhodesCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Calvin Harrison18231610
Samuel HainNot Out53372824
Daniel MousleyCaught Samit Patel Bowled Matthew Carter68710
Carlos BrathwaiteCaught Joe Clarke Bowled Luke Fletcher44241834
Michael BurgessNot Out14100
Timothy Bresnan
Craig Miles
Danny Briggs
Jacob Lintott
Matthew Carter402626.50
Luke Fletcher403929.75
Samit Patel3032010.67
Dane Paterson3044014.67
Steven Mullaney1012012.00
Peter Trego2043021.50
Calvin Harrison3030110.00
Fall of Wicket
1–51Adam Hose
2–120William Rhodes
3–123Edward Pollock
4–133Daniel Mousley
5–222Carlos Brathwaite


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