A finely-crafted selection to savour during the 2022 Trent Bridge Test.


Individual Flatbread with Herbs

Made at The Welbeck Bakehouse, part of the School of Artisan Food in North Nottinghamshire. Tender, rich and open-crumbed flatbread, brushed with extra virgin olive oil before and after baking.

Antipasti Platter

A selection of appetisers to start your grazing:

  • Wookey Hole cave-matured cheddar 
  • Cipolline Balsamico (balsamic soaked onions)
  • Tomato and pepper hummus
  • Ajvar dip (a traditional red pepper 'caviar')

Vegetable Samosas

Handmade crispy pastry with a lightly-spiced filling.

Smoked chicken salad with a creamy Caesar dressing

Sweet new potatoes tossed with garlic mayo and topped with peppery tangy cress

Two Farmers Hereford Hop cheese and onion crisps

Summer fruit flapjack

Lemon cannoli

A crispy biscuity tube filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream

Two cans of mineral water

Two single-serve cans of Frankins Portabella Gin and Indian tonic water