Nottinghamshire’s players have come up with a hair-raising scheme to support beneficiary Paul Franks this month.

They’re all growing sponsored moustaches in aid of Franks’ nominated charity Cancer Research UK.

The idea was inspired by a similar project in New Zealand, where men adorn moustaches for charity during the month of ‘Mo-vember.’

Said Franks: “I’ve been keen to do as much as possible for Cancer Research during the year and when this idea got mentioned in the dressing room there was a near-unanimous thumbs-up.

“It seemed like an entertaining and novel way to raise some money for a very worthy cause. Some of our wives and girlfriends aren’t too happy but we’ve persuaded them it’s a worthwhile sacrifice.

“We’re looking to raise £5,000 over the course of ‘Mo-ugust’ and all donations will be very gratefully received.”

Anyone interested in making a donation can click here.

Donations made online by UK taxpayers will mean that Gift Aid will be able to reclaim 28 per cent to go to Cancer Research.