Here's a little something to keep you engaged over the Christmas period. We've unearthed a cricketing crossword from an old edition of Trent Bridge Monthly.

It's just for fun but see how you get on. The solution will be available on after Trent Bridge reopens in the New Year.

All the staff and players at Notts would like to wish supporters and members a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


1.    In 1989 he shared in the only instance in England of two double-century opening partnerships (4,7)
6.    Derek’s up pleasing the crowd – and somewhere in the middle, appears flexible (6)
7.    Class cricket o the highest order (5)
9.      Notts test ‘keeper of the 60’s (6)
13.     See 10 down
14.     (and 16 Across) snail’s extra protection replaced by the Red Stripe Cup (5,6)
16.     (See 14 Across)
17.     “A place where it is always afternoon and 360 for two wickets” (5,6)


1.    This knock could make a good game – and there should be many good deliveries (8)
2.    I’m pure! When confused, he’s the man in charge (6)
3.    Notts ‘keeper who replaced 9 Across (6)
4.    Notts man who hit his maiden Test century in February (5)
5.    Derek Randall in tatters! (4)
8.    Fine boundary could result in just such – if not caught behind! (4,4)
10.    (And 13 Across) Shane has bards, gets mixed up and produces a popular Notts marketing man (6,6)
11.     Best ad, gets rearranged to show a Notts opening bowler of the 60’s and 70’s.  (1,5)
12.     Spotless way of getting bowled (5)
15.     The Last of the match should contain a minimum of 20 overs (4)