Good attendances at all Twenty20 Cup group matches at Trent Bridge -and a crowd of more than 12,000 for the quarter-final withNorthamptonshire - were instrumental in creating a pre-tax surplus of£140,988 for the year ending September 30.

Said Notts’ financechairman Richard Tennant: “Twenty20 is the one competition wheresuccess results in meaningful incremental income, and the outstandingperformance of the team in the competition manifested itself in a 59per cent increase in match receipts compared with 2005.”

On theback of lifting the County Championship and outstanding staging of theAshes Test in 2005, membership subscriptions also showed a healthyincrease of 13 per cent.

And Mr Tennant added: “The milestone of achieving a record number of 1,160 Junior members was also extremely significant.”

Duringthe course of the year, more than £370,000 was spent on CricketDevelopment, Academy work and the Lady Bay site, reinforcing the verywide role played by Notts in facilitating the playing and watching ofsport by people throughout the county.

Said Mr Tennant: “Giventhe huge importance to our contribution to the wider community, this isan area where we intend to invest still further in the current year.

“Morethan 10,000 youngsters are actively involved in our Cricket in theCommunity scheme, emphasising the importance of Trent Bridge to localcommunity agendas.”

Notts recently announced proposals for an£8.2million redevelopment plan, which will include building a new standon the Bridgford Road side of the ground and the installation ofpermanent floodlights.

That would see the ground capacityincrease to around 17,500 - a significant move in the fight to retainTest Match status at Trent Bridge.

The Notts CCC Annual Meeting will take place at County Hall, West Bridgford on Monday February 26 at 7pm.