The Say Yes challenge (Social Awareness Youth Enterprise Scheme) is about to enter its second phase after launching in Nottingham last year.

The first phase of this highly successful project, driven by Victoria Centre, Nottingham, involved young people working to identify anti-social behaviour problems in their community and then finding solutions to address those problems. The organisers worked with young people from Bulwell Youth Inclusion Project and was a huge success, with at least two of the ideas coming from the project being implemented in the City of Nottingham.

The challenge has been devised to enable young people to observe, investigate, evaluate and come up with workable ideas that will promote them in a positive light and at the same time constructively contribute to the areas in which they live.  The challenge affords them an opportunity to make a difference.

One essential and vitally important element of the Say Yes challenge is the presence of business mentors who work alongside the groups of young people offering guidance and support. The mentors are all volunteers working in business in Nottingham, and those participating in the first phase of the project came from companies such as Eversheds, Yorkshire Bank, House of Fraser, Heart 106 fm, Hoofers Health Club and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

This second phase of the project is now seeking additional mentors to work with young people who will be drawn from Youth Inclusion Projects, Pupil Referral Units and schools across Nottingham. Training will be given and mentors can work in pairs, which will allow greater flexibility and additional support. The young people, aged between 14 and 17, are given the challenge of setting up their own mini enterprise ‘companies’, and, under the guidance of business mentors, they work their ideas through into realistic and workable solutions to problems in their community as they see it.

If you would like to become a business mentor for the Say Yes Challenge in Nottingham, or simply would like to know more about the project, then please contact Beverley Clark on 07951 922654 (