Many people are not aware that Trent Bridge holds one of the best value-for-money gymnasiums in Nottingham.

But for anyone with a New Year’s Resolution of getting fit in mind, the Bodyline Gym contains virtually everything needed to achieve their goal.

Located on the concourse of the Radcliffe Road Centre, it has a comprehensive range of cardiovascular equipment, resistance machines and free weights, has an area set aside for swiss and medicine ball training and also a sauna in the changing rooms.

Newcomers and experienced athletes are all welcome to join and expert gym instructors are on hand to offer advice and ensure apparatus is being used safely and correctly.

Tim Taylor is one of the friendly faces who’ll be found working in the gym as an instructor and he offers some simple starting advice for anyone setting out on the road to fitness.

He said: “Everyone needs to have a plan and objective in mind when they go the gym and it’s important that their goals are realistic.

“If you’re not sure about anything, then come over and have a chat with us, and we can offer some pointers or put a programme together for you. Personal training is also available if you want to take it that far.”

Tim works alongside colleagues Jason Marriott, Mat Youngs, Kyle Manning and Phil Riley and all are more than happy to answer questions.

The gym is open seven days a week and with full membership costing £26 a month, offers a price structure which is more affordable than some of the other companies based in the city.

January is always a time when new faces appear, keen to work off the extra pounds gained during Christmas, but it’s important that people stick at it to gain long-term benefits.

Boredom can set in if you’re not careful but according to Tim, keeping the programme varied will ensure that doesn’t happen.

He added: “The two main reasons why people fall down on fitness drives are because they try and do it all themselves and don’t look for advice or help; or they fail to vary their programme and end up getting bored.

“Even people who have been going to their gym for years will change what they are doing every five or six weeks. Not only does it avoid boredom, it also means you continue to improve.

“If you’re doing the same exercises week after week, eventually you’ll reach a point where performance plateaus off. And when people stop seeing those improvements, they stop coming.

“Again, we can help by making adjustments to a training programme, changing the exercises and setting new challenges.

“Those people who do that are the ones who will benefit the most.”

For more information on prices and opening times of the Bodyline Gym, click here.