The following article comes from The Trent Bridge Monthly Newspaper (Issue 21), May 1983.

Time to consolidate

says new secretary

Sports administration was something new for Brian Robson when he stepped into an appointment at Trent Bridge in October, 1979.

But it’s been a welcome – and rewarding – change for the man who is Nottinghamshire secretary.

He reveals: “I’d never been involved in sport before then, but I must admit it is a very pleasant environment in which to work.

“It’s hard work like any other administrative job, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience I’ve had at Trent Bridge over the last three and half years.

“After Philip Carling decided to leave, I had no hesitation in saying ‘Yes’ when the Committee offered me the position of secretary last October.

“Although the loss that we made in the last financial year came as a blow, the club has really gone from strength to strength over the last four or five years and I see it as my responsibility to try and consolidate that.

“With my accountancy background, the work that I will do is largely administrative, but I do see it as a part of my role to create a good relationship between staff, players and the people who pay money to come and watch Nottinghamshire cricket.

“In view of last year’s loss, it’s important that we all work together  to secure the financial stability of the club. We have budgeted to make a small profit this year and if we achieve that it will be a major step forward.


“Costs can be cut but there is no disguising the fact that the success of the team can have a big influence on financial matters too.

“It is in the interests of everyone at the club – whether they work on or off the field – to do everything in their power to help Ken Taylor and the players.”

Mr Robson hails from the cricketing outpost of Northumberland, and it wasn’t until 1959 that he moved to Nottingham.

At that time he was working with the National Coal Board and got a transfer to their East Midlands offices in Bestwood

He first joined the Notts staff as office manager, taking over the duties of the late David Fryer.

Soon afterwards Mr Robson was appointed accountant/assistant secretary and then came his elevation to secretary last October.