I'M big into my rugby league so I was disappointed to see England lose to the Aussies in the Four Nations last weekend.

But at least we played a lot better in the second half and Eorl Crabtree (pictured), a fellow Huddersfield lad, came on and did well.

Hopefully the way they came back means they can now go on and beat New Zealand in my home town and make the final.

I'm a Bradford Bulls supporter, though I don't know quite how I ended up supporting them.

I think it's because my dad used to take me into the pub after games as a kid with some of the Bradford players there. I would be sat in the corner sipping a glass of cola.

I love the game, but I have never really played much and it was certainly never going to be an alternative career to cricket. I'm way too much of a softy for that.

You wouldn't get me anywhere near a top-flight game. My best man, Michael Smith, played for New Zealand and touching him is like touching a brick wall!

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