Kevin Pietersen went on record this week saying England ’s pace bowlers would be better served playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) rather than resting up, ahead of May’s ICC World Twenty20. I have to say that I agree with him.

It’s a tough one to call, but I think our top performers should be out there. All the other international sides have their best men out there playing in the IPL at the moment, so why shouldn’t we?

People say it’s vital the likes of Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson need to put their feet up with a hectic summer to come.

I’m just glad the volcanic ash from Iceland hasn’t interrupted our play.

And I know Broady has come out and said this week that he is glad of the rest after having a couple of niggles in Bangladesh.

But it is not as if the players out there are bowling 20 or 30 overs every time they go out there to play – it is four at the most. So as long as they get a good rest in between games, I don’t see it being too much of a problem.

I think that KP is making the point that our bowlers are missing out on getting experience in top-class Twenty20 games.

The players who are out there will be going straight from the IPL to the World Twenty20 in the West Indies and will be ‘in the groove.’

They will have had plenty of games under their belt and will be raring to go.

Our bowlers, on the other hand, will be slightly further behind in their preparations and are going to find it difficult to get straight up to speed.

It is a tough ask, but we will certainly be doing our best and I’m looking forward to linking up with the rest of the squad if everything goes to plan in the rest of the Notts game against Kent, which finishes on Monday.

You do need to practice specific skills for that form, so that will be my focus as of next week.

I have to congratulate Neil Edwards for the start he made on his Notts County Championship debut on Thursday.

It was never going to be easy batting first under the heavy cloud cover against a decent Kent attack, but he showed with his 85 it looks as if he is going to be a great addition to our squad.

I’m sure when people come to play at Trent Bridge they have to change their batting technique slightly and be a little more patient.

But if you are a good player then you will adapt. Sometimes it can take a bit of time, but Neil has done it pretty quickly.

Hopefully, that will be the first of many good knocks for us and we certainly got off to a great start with the bat.

What has not been so enjoyable has been the temperature. I know I have needed about six layers on just to keep warm on Thursday!

It took me about an hour to get going the other morning as I was as stiff as a board.

It tends to be pretty nippy at this time of year, but I think this is the coldest I can remember it being, following on from the freezing winter.

I’m just glad the volcanic ash from Iceland hasn’t interrupted our play.

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