The league title is now Belvoir’s to lose following their comprehensive win at the PCG (Plumtree Cricket Ground last weekend).

Belvoir will be crowned champions of the Gunn and Moore South Notts A League should they win their final three games of the season.

Their 6 wicket victory against Plumtree and Rolls Royce Leisure’s loss at Balderton has left the title race in Belvoir’s hands.  What was a three horse race has now realistically been reduced to two and despite the mathematics we will be right on their tail all the way to the end.

The Plumtree faithful will be crossing their fingers and hoping either Balderton or Notts Unity can halt Belvoir’s march to the Premier League – no disrespect to Gedling and Sherwood but they have been the whipping boys all season.

It could well come down to the final weekend of the season; we have a tricky trip to Balderton and Belvoir travel to the dangerous Notts Unity.

Notts Unity have had an unpredictable season beating some of the top sides convincingly but then  failing to capitalize against the sides around them in the middle of the table.  

"The banter around the dressing room, the constant mickey taking, the phone calls to dissect the game, the beers and the laughter whatever the scores – that is what club cricket is all about."

Having lost to them in the semi final of the Twenty20 competition we know how dangerous they can be and always seem to raise their game for the big occasion.

The away game against Belvoir has been one of my highlights of the year.  Looking at the scorecard you would probably question why?!

A three ball duck followed by nine overs of inconsistent military medium resulting in one wicket for forty runs – hardly a stand out performance!

The stunning setting and comprehensive win were fantastic but the real highlight involved the trip home with 20 points in the bag.

Part and parcel of an enjoyable cricket season is exploring new places, playing against new teams and enjoying the game both on and off the pitch.

Turning up, playing and then disappearing straight home would ruin one of the main reasons why I love playing club cricket so much.

The banter around the dressing room, the constant mickey taking, the phone calls to dissect the game, the beers and the laughter whatever the scores – that is what club cricket is all about.

Some sporting stooge once wrote that sport only exists so that we can talk about it – what a smart fellow!

Plumtree CC has a fine blend of youth and experience – the younger members of the team tend to gravitate towards town in the evening whilst the more experienced members sample the delights on offer out in the Nottinghamshire countryside.

Popping into country pubs on the way back from games has been one of the highlights of the season.  Exploring new places and finding the hidden gems of Nottinghamshire, whilst enjoying the after match banter, has been great fun and something which will be missed during the long dark nights of the winter months.

The trip back from Belvoir involved a stop off at the Wheel Inn in Branston, a quaint village pub with a reputation for outstanding food, something I can endorse following subsequent visits with the family.

In my first full season at Plumtree I have had the chance to meet a lot of new friends, visit new places, and explore Nottinghamshire in a way that probably wouldn’t have happened without cricket.

I am looking forward to more of the same during the remainder of the season and who knows if we keep the pressure on we may have something to celebrate on the last weekend in August.

Ben Thompson plays for Plumtree in the South Notts Cricket League.