The summer is disappearing fast and I can’t believe that last week was the half way point of the Plumtree season in the South Notts Cricket League.

They say time flies when you are having fun!

The constant drone of the football World Cup temporarily caught everyone’s imagination until England’s spectacular demise and club cricket has been a happy haven for participants to take their mind off yet another disappointing campaign.

At the half way stage the season is going pretty well down at the PCG (Plumtree Cricket Ground).

The first team currently top South Notts Division A, until the weekend’s loss at Ellerslie the 2nd XI were top of Division B and the 3rd XI are second but hot on Radcliffe’s heels in Division L.

"Not Outs can be as rare as a slow full toss for opening batsmen so I try and make sure I do everything I can to make the most of them when the chance arises."

Averages have been the order of the day.

The league standings are determined by average points per game, something of a novelty for me, and our six wins, two winning draws and solitary loss has placed us on top of the tree with an average of 17.67.

I’ve also had chance to work on my average in the last couple of weeks!

Back to back victories against bottom of the league, Gedling and Sherwood, have included a couple of red inkers for BJ Thompson.

Not Outs can be as rare as a slow full toss for opening batsmen so I try and make sure I do everything I can to make the most of them when the chance arises.

Chasing 44 on a wicket that was keeping low involved plenty of concentration but the red pen was already out of the scorers pencil case when I sliced a drive for three through point to leave just two to win.

Two to win and four balls remaining from the over I confidently lent on the bat handle at the non strikers end expecting Tewy to smash a trademark boundary over cover.  As each dot ball passed I got a little more nervous, he obviously had an average builder on his mind and wasn’t going to risk playing a shot.

I was getting nervy, it would mean having to face another over from their South African overseas.  More risk than opportunity with the ball shooting along the floor.  I made my feelings clear at the end of the over and just got a knowing big smile back in return – all about batting in partnerships I thought!

All I could think was “get forward” as he was running up to bowl off the long run, thankfully it was a ball on the leg stump and I turned it away for the winning runs and Smithy (scorer) could get the red pen out and fill in the details.

The season has thrown up a number of great games already and as the pressure builds at the top of the league I am sure there are plenty more to come.

The business end of the season is always an exciting time - teams swap proverbial blows and the race for the Premier league hots up.  Five sides are still in with a chance of reaching the Promised Land and judging by what has gone before it will go right to the wire.

So far we have bowled a team out for 44, scored 271 in a rain reduced 36 over game, chased down 260 and lost in two semi finals.

Off the field we have seen a marked improvement in teas, Smithy drinks more Red Bull than is medically advised, Brad and Stalky’s relationship blossoms and Scott closes the Butchers shop during the week as he sells more than 20 cows worth of beef at the Friday night BBQ.

Wherever the teams end up this season it has already been a vintage village cricket club year!