They say that Kiwi’s can’t fly very well but that theory was well and truly disproved this week by Andre Adams.

The former New Zealand international jetted halfway around the world to pick up where he left off last season with a devastating bowling performance against Hampshire.

True to form, Andre understated his own efforts though and paid tribute to Charlie Shreck instead, a man who is seemingly trying to do what no-one has ever managed before – win both the Division One and Division Two titles in the same season!

A winner in week one with Kent – and in week two with Notts – good work Charles!

"Not having seen Andre over the winter months I shook his hand at the media day on Tuesday – or rather he crushed mine."

Mentioning Andre, I made two fatal mistakes this week. Not having seen him over the winter months I shook his hand at the media day on Tuesday – or rather he crushed mine. 48 hours later, with the feeling just about having returned, I congratulated him on his five-for – with the same painful result!

At the same media gathering I actually blushed when Graeme Swann said he’d read – and liked – my blogs from Abu Dhabi. That’s quite some praise from the ECB’s number one blogger / tweeter / funny man.

Graeme is also, of course, the founder member of ‘The Sprinkler Dance’ – that iconic England team celebration after the Ashes victory. I wonder if he should have copyrighted it as I see that ‘Sprinkler’ T-Shirts are now available everywhere!

Any embarrassment at Graeme’s kind words were soon forgotten as I made my way to Rochdale to cover their league match against Southampton. An elderly gentleman was dispensing the press tickets for the match and gave me a typically gritty northern greeting. “Bracegirdle – eh, so that’s what you look like, is it? I’ve ‘eard thee before and wondered!”

Currently my ‘face for radio’ affords me the privilege of describing Nottinghamshire’s season with ball-by-ball coverage for the BBC. As you’d imagine, during the course of a day I’m prone to a ramble or two – and this often means I’ll deviate away from the main subject.

Take this past week for example. After receiving a number of emails from Nottinghamshire supporters all around the globe, (Simon in Atlanta, Kevin in China, Jonathan in Germany and Chris in Melbourne – to name but a few of my regulars!) Howard in Buenos Aires got in touch.

At around that same time I was blathering on about some of Nottinghamshire’s more experienced players, the likes of Skip, Ali, Franksy etc – Mick Newell’s elder statesmen.

Before I knew it, the conversation had turned into a discussion about an Argentinean Football Team called Newell’s Old Boys and I was inundated with links to their home page and to articles about them.

They actually do exist – please look them up and examine the club badge, which just features the three initial letters of Newell’s Old Boys in large letters – (work it out for yourself!).

With that logo I think they’ll struggle to sell many of their replicas shirts over here, don’t you?

Another shirt to mention this week was Kabir Ali’s Hampshire number 33 top, as it was worn by Notts’ Academy youngster Adeel Shafique, who was granted permission to keep wicket for the south coast side when Nic Pothas injured a calf.

It was a terrific gesture by all concerned and Adeel acquitted himself superbly. I don’t know whether he was allowed to keep Ali’s shirt but it was a performance of great promise and one would hope that, in years to come – in a cricketing sense – he becomes a Newell Old Boy in his own right!

Dave Bracegirdle provides ball-by-ball commentary on all of Nottinghamshire's LV= County Championship matches on behalf of BBC Radio Nottingham.