The press tend to get very spoilt at Trent Bridge with regards to the catering facilities and this week we had a nice little touch ahead of play. With our morning coffee we were offered the choice of some delicious ‘biccies’ and for the first time, I’ve discovered The Fruit Shrewsbury.

At least it’s a new discovery as far as I’m concerned - but I now learn that it’s a ‘traditional old English classic’. That knowledge disappointed me slightly because I wondered if it was a clever ploy by the club’s marketing people to name some biscuits and confectionery after past and present players.

But don’t just stop at Arthur Shrewsbury, I thought – who wouldn’t try some Vanilla Voges or Fletcher Fudge?

"Leaving Headingley last week I noticed a public house called The Library. What a terrific name for a ‘local’ and I wonder how many partners are being duped in that part of Leeds.

Leaving Headingley last week I noticed a public house called The Library. What a terrific name for a ‘local’ and I wonder how many partners are being duped in that part of Leeds. They must feel their ‘other halves’ are fairly studious by often claiming that they will be a little late home as they’ve ‘got to pop in the library’ on the way back home!

There seems to still be plenty of hard graft going on to renovate another pub – one much closer to home, The Trent Bridge Inn.  Hopefully it should be re-opening soon and I’m led to believe that not only will it retain its traditional name but it will also be ‘cricket-themed’ inside. Two more requests from me – don’t hike up the prices on big match days – and please restore the iconic lettering. For the past few summers some television viewers have been led to believe that it was called the TR—T BR-DG-  I-N

Now, as they used to say on Monty Python’s Flying Circus, for something completely different! 

In a roundabout sort of way the challenge has been thrown down for me to attempt to try and put last seasons title win into rhyming verse – as they used to do a hundred years or so ago.

To enjoy this nonsense at its best I would suggest you read it out loud with a patriotic dose of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ blasting out of the speakers behind you.

Here then is my take on the events of last September when Notts defied the odds to lift the county championship title (with apologies to messrs Keats, Byron and Wordsworth!)

Last season drew to a thrilling close
With us at Lancs to play the Red Rose
Up went the coin and Chris called right
Everyone ready, up for the fight

Please stay dry. That’s all we ask
Cos’ rain will bring an impossible task
But down it poured, all night and day
Give us a chance to get some play 

Thursday brought some welcome sun,
And not too late for the crown to be won?
Durham and Tredders played a helping hand
Now all we need is a major stand

400 runs, what’s the price?
But a ton from Adam, oh so nice! 
Then Sid and Patto – with the bat!
Simply superb – fancy that! 

Three wickets will do it – but time is short
But Brown has gone – superbly caught!
Two more to go – now Chilton’s out
Magic from Andre, without a doubt!

Next it’s Shiv, a stubborn foe
Come on Notts, Go Go Go!
And then the edge, we’ve won it, dammit!
Joy and tears – and cries of ‘Samit’! 

“We are the Champions”, blared out loud,
Well done Notts, you’ve made us proud
So salute a remarkable squad of men
The Champion County in 2010 

(I’ll get my coat – and have another biscuit!)