As I heard the scissors and razor clipping away behind my ears I knew that, worst-case scenario, at least my trusty dog would still talk to me.

As team mate Steve Mullaney chopped off the lovely, flowing auburn locks, that my mum adores, I was searching for a crumb of comfort.

How mum, dad and my girlfriend would react to the newly-formed ginger Mohawk that now rested down the centre of my head was going to be anyone’s guess.

"To be fair to Steve, he did such a good job, it looked like it had been done at Toni & Guy!"

The fact that I had had it done for a bet was hardly going to get me out of trouble either!

I blame Twitter.

While I am reasonably new to it, the lads at Nottinghamshire love it. And in an attempt to catch them up on the “followers” front, I said I would do a Peter Crouch-type robot dance on the field after a wicket during a T20 game, if I got to 600 followers.

That happened fairly quickly and I kept my side of the bargain.

It went down well too. And I hadn’t even been practising.

Following that, I got into a bit of banter with Nottingham Rugby full-back Dave Jackson, who used to wear a mullet on his bonce.

I said that if I got to 1,000 followers, I would join him in a crazy haircut of some sort.

That happened pretty quickly too and again, I kept my side of the bargain as you can see in the picture.

It was a bit of a shock initially when I had my hair cropped to leave me with just a ginger Mohawk. To be fair to Steve, he did such a good job, it looked like it had been done at Toni & Guy!

And if you believe in omens, then the 3-12 I took against Leicestershire at Trent Bridge on the Mohawk’s first outing, must be a good one.

Is that the first ever three-wicket T20 haul by a bloke with a ginger Mohawk?

As I write this, it has all been cut off now, despite my girlfriend actually saying she liked it - but I am vowing to grow it back for our T20 quarter-final against Hampshire in a few weeks time. What growth I will be able to muster, God only knows, but I’ll give it a go.

I am happy to give most things a go, as long as they don’t get in the way of my cricket.

Having spent the first part of the season fighting my way into a very competitive Nottinghamshire side, I have been starting most games recently in all formats and I am very determined to keep it that way until the end of the season.

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