Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Captain Chris Read was arrested, hauled before a judge and jailed – all in aid of homeless and vulnerable people.

Boos, heckles and a plentiful helping of rough justice greeted his appearance at Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice on Wednesday, June 20, where he took part in homelessness charity Framework’s inaugural Jail and Bail event.

Chris, who was charged with having foul smelling hands, joined more than a dozen volunteer prisoners at the event, each of whom were charged with one or more humorous offences. After being tried and jailed by Framework judge His Honour Lord Justice Guilty as Charged they were led to the cells before handing over their “bail money”- all of which will go towards helping homeless and vulnerable people.

The stinky-handed stumper, who had a supplementary charge of not listening to his wife thrown out by the judge, pleaded his innocence as he was hauled into court in handcuffs by Special Constables Dawn Marie Lesh and Grant White. He vowed to change his keeping gloves more often in future before stumping up more than £1,000 in bail.

"Homelessness remains a serious problem across the county and the people at Framework do a great job to help those who are most in need," said Read.

"I am delighted to be able to help in any way I can.”

In total the event raised more than £5,000. Fundraising manger Louise Darby said: “We are hugely grateful to all those gave up their time and their liberty to take part. Without this kind of public support we would struggle to carry out all our work in the community.”