Nottinghamshire Director of Cricket Mick Newell has re-affirmed his commitment to the Club following reported interest from Bangladesh.

Newell confirmed that he had been contacted about the role by a third party but was never offered it following initial discussions about the structure and nature of the position

"It is hugely flattering to be linked to such a job and, in many ways, it is a very attractive opportunity," Newell told ESPNcricinfo.

"But I just felt that the time was not quite right for me.

"The other thing was that I knew that if I took the job, I would probably never coach Nottinghamshire again. I've worked for the club for 30 years and I've been coaching there for 10 years. It doesn't get much better than working for Nottinghamshire and I would have to think very carefully before leaving."

Newell retains an ambition to manage an international team and hopes to find a suitable opportunity in the future.

"It is a role that would be of huge interest at the right time,” he said.
“I hope I haven't ruled myself out of contention in the future as coaching an international team remains something I would like to do. I'd love to coach England at some stage and I'm sure any coach will tell you they want to work with the best players they can but, due to the age of my children, I have notified the BCB that I am not available for this role."