Positive Futures, the headline project of the Trent Bridge Community Trust, have announced that they will be delivering two community prides this month.

Radcliffe skate park will undergo a change, its bordering large grey fence is set to be turned into an art installation, while Keyworth square is set to receive improvements to their welcome sign painted by young people in the area, with the added skills of urban artists.

These are the latest projects in areas working with Positive Futures, who aim to engage young people at risk of social exclusion and bring them closer to the community. 

“People in Keyworth had complained that the sign in the middle of their island was unsightly, and that the brick work had become corroded and begun to fall apart,” said Positive Futures Co-ordinator Mark Clifford.

“Our project will make it aesthetically pleasing, and because it’s being improved by young people from the area it brings them closer to the community.

“It also means that these places are less likely to be vandalized, as it’s the young people who have worked to put these things in place. 

“It isn’t community service, it’s voluntary work and it’s something that the communities should be proud of.”

There has also been a formal opening scheduled for the morning of Friday 25 October at both sites, with more details to follow.