Nottinghamshire Cricket Board and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club have launched a bespoke coaching programme for children and young adults with impairments.

The ‘InPlay Coaching Programme’ is designed to create fun & safe learning environment whilst introducing the fundamental sporting skills required for participating in cricket.

Graham Redfern, Cricket Development Officer for Inclusion and Diversity, devised the programme with Dr Robert Townsend in order to introduce structured coaching and a learning resource for youngsters and coaches across the County.

“Being a father of a son with disabilities myself, and as a coach, I felt there was a need for an inclusive structured programme which explored creative ideas and encouraged progression,” said Redfern.

“The idea was to create a resource that a coach could hold in their kitbag, refer to, follow a structure and gain useful tips on how to work with young people with disabilities. 

“The beauty of the programme is that it can be implemented to a group of players with learning disabilities such as group of 5-8 year olds for example whilst also having the versatility to be delivered with a group of teenagers and young adults who have physical impairments too.

“It is there for all.

“I would like thank Dr Robert Townsend for his work on the programme and I am extremely proud of what we have managed to create.”

Initially, Redfern will upskill the community coaches at the Nottinghamshire Cricket Board, before taking the programme out to clubs and the wider community in the county.

“First of all we are going to do some training with our own staff so they understand the programme first hand and are able to create a neutral learning environment so that adaptions can be explored,” said Redfern.

“The aim is for us to take it into cricket clubs and other environments to be delivered by our coaches first before inviting these organisations to take the programme on themselves.

“This resource will hopefully reduce any concerns that coaches may have regarding coaching people with disabilities as we want to highlight their ability and not their disability.”

For more information, or to request a booklet, please contact