Peter Moores expects the second half of Nottinghamshire’s match against Warwickshire at Edgbaston to move on a little quicker than the first two days.

 “It’s an old-fashioned game in some ways,” he said. “In that Warwickshire have set their stall out to bat long in their first innings, with a view that the pitch will deteriorate and turn later on.

 “So, I think we are very happy that we managed to get a couple of quick wickets in that last little break. We’ll come back tomorrow and try and bowl them out. It’s a good pitch at the moment and hopefully it stays like that for a good length of time but it will turn more as the match goes on, so we’ll have to be aware of that.”

The Head Coach reflected that he had been pleased with the bowling discipline of his side. “I think we’ve been good all game,” he said. “We put a lot of good balls in good areas on a slow pitch and had some good shouts which were turned down, that happens. They didn’t get away from us at any stage really. The only time was when Hose got away a little bit this morning but we got two wickets after lunch , which was great.”

 Notts felt they should perhaps have had another wicket when Liam Banks appeared to edge a ball of reasonable length behind off Stuart Broad but the umpire called a no ball against him, having already called two short balls in the same over.

 “It was probably a mistake, said Moores. It happens and you move on. Sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don’t but you move on. The key is to move on.”

 With Notts yet to bat and each side only having taken one bonus point so far Moores feels there’s likely to be a change in approach.

 “I think there is a chance the game could accelerate later on but we’ll keep it really simple. We’ll try and get three quick wickets in the morning and then we’ll have to bat well.”

 Rain prevented any play after 2.40pm on the second day, leaving Warwickshire on 311 for seven in their first innings.


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