The Trent Bridge Community Trust’s partnership with Rushcliffe Borough Council is to continue for a further four years, securing the future of the YouNG Project and Positive Futures initiative until at least December 2024.

The borough council, who have supplied funding to the Trust since its inception in 2009, will continue to provide financial support to the charity’s programmes for young people.

Positive Futures, the Trust’s longest-running community project, provides one-to-one mentoring and prevention-based support to young people aged between eight and 19 who are at risk of social exclusion.

The YouNG project focuses on giving those between the ages of 13 and 21 the chance to become equipped for their future career.

“It’s great that we’ll have the chance to build on our work in Rushcliffe over the last ten years, and provide advice, support and opportunities to the next generation,” said Mark Clifford, the Trust’s Community Projects Manager.

“The last few months have been challenging for us all, but it is a uniquely difficult time for anyone who is going through education or looking to start out on their working life.

“Plus, the social isolation and changes which lockdowns, restrictions and school closures have brought will have had their own effect on the mental health of young people.

“We’ve had to adapt our way of working – offering virtual work experience opportunities, online mentoring and web-based advice and support – but one thing that has been clear is that young people will need a guiding hand more than ever in these difficult times.

“We’re looking forward to helping them to raise their aspirations, overcome hurdles and reach their potential over the next four years.”

"The work of the Trust does not just produce results today, its benefits resonate far into the future"

Cllr Debbie Mason, Deputy Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council

In the last decade, over 650 young people have benefitted from the advice and assistance of Positive Futures mentors.

The YouNG Project, meanwhile, allowed over 300 young people to gain real-world work experience in their chosen fields last year, and supported budding entrepreneurs through the organisation of street markets across Rushcliffe.

“We’re proud to be able to support the continued delivery of two such valuable initiatives," said Cllr Debbie Mason, Deputy Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council.

“The help, advice and empathy provided by Positive Futures mentors has had a direct impact on the life and prospects of young people in our area.

“Similarly, the YouNG project has played a significant role in developing a generation with the skills, aptitude and resilience to succeed in their chosen careers.

“The work of the Trust does not just produce results today, its benefits resonate far into the future, both for the young people in question and for our community as a whole.

“In the current changing climate, it’s important that we continue to support young people who may have been particularly affected by the pandemic and so we look forward to seeing this work continue.”


For the last ten years, the Trent Bridge Community Trust has provided a sporting chance to disadvantaged young people across Nottinghamshire.