Nancy Harman says she is "living the dream" after making her Trent Rockets debut in a thrilling victory over local rivals Birmingham Phoenix.

The Rockets have enjoyed back-to-back victories and currently sit mid-table, alongside Welsh Fire, who they face in a crucial clash on Friday.

“It feels awesome," Harman said, "Obviously, I’ve watched the girls do well in the last few games and it was in unfortunate circumstances I had to come on to the pitch in the last one, but to take the field as part of the starting eleven was amazing.

“For me to play at these big grounds as well is the stuff of dreams. I never thought I’d be playing at Trent Bridge, Lord's, Edgbaston or wherever. It’s unbelievable really, the crowds are just so huge, and it really does make a difference.

“You feel like you run quicker, and you feel less tired, especially fielding. When I was running around the rope it felt like I was running on the energy of the crowd.

“I’m learning from the high-level skills on show and it’s just great to try my best to step up to that level and learn everything I can.”

The Rockets have impressed in the field, taking 19 catches from 21 chances, and Harman’s energy in the outfield, as well as contributions from marquee players, aided their most recent triump against Birmingham Pheonix.

“It feels great to make a difference in the field, and going forward we’re going to have to fight for wins like we did against the Phoenix,” she said.

“We’ve had such classy starts with the bat, going over 140 and 150 in our last matches, and then executed with the ball.

“We’ve got match winners in the team. Just look at Katherine Brunt [against Phoenix], she’s a winner, the way Heather Graham batted against them, we have people who can come in and hit bombs. 

“It’s such a short competition and momentum can really go your way, and if we do keep it rolling, we’ll find ourselves in a great position.

Harman also lauded the progress made in women's cricket of the course of The Hundred.

“We’ve come a long way since the times when I was a kid in the crowd at a T20 Blast and it was just men playing,” she said.

“That’s where I used to spend my Friday nights, down in Hove, but now it’s just great to see younger kids have the opportunity to come and watch men’s and women’s cricket. I really hope it can inspire.

“You know, it will be even more inspirational than what the T20 Blast was for me, for those young girls seeing these games is just brilliant.”