We can't wait to welcome the planet's two leading IT20 sides to Trent Bridge.

England and India lock horns at our venue from 2.30pm on Sunday 10 July. If you are joining us, scroll on for further information on how to make the most of your visit, including:

You may also find the below ground map, which is available to download here, useful:


Ticket information

All general admission seating for the fixture is currently sold out.

If you have already secured your tickets, and you selected the option of e-tickets, please be aware that the PDF attachment to your booking confirmation is not your match tickets. 

Kindly be sure to log into your ticketing account and download your tickets by selecting the My Orders option within the Account section of the site. 

From there, you’ll be able to either print them at home, store them in your Apple Wallet or download them to your mobile phone. 

If you opted to receive printed tickets and they have not arrived, kindly let us know via questions@nottsccc.co.uk or 0115 899 0300 so our friendly team can make the necessary arrangements. 


How to find us

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground is situated in West Bridgford, in very close proximity to both Nottingham Forest and Notts County Football Clubs. Our postcode is NG2 6AG.

As you approach, you can’t miss the circular floodlights.

We are a couple of miles from Nottingham City Centre, a mile or so from the train station, and our city is blessed with one of the best public transport networks in the UK.

We have gates through which to enter the ground situated on Bridgford Road, Radcliffe Road, Hound Road and Fox Road. Your ticket will indicate which gate you should use.


Travel information


Travelling by car

Our car parks at Bridge Field and the Nottinghamshire Sports Ground are currently booked to capacity.

Parking can be secured on the day on the Victoria Embankment, priced at £10 per car. Please note that the Embankment is no longer accessible via car from the Eastern approach (near Trent Bridge), and must now be accessed via Queens Drive/ Riverside Way to the West. The postcode NG2 2GJ may assist when navigating to the car park, as may navigating to the Victoria Embankment Playground:

Anyone travelling by car from outside the city can take advantage of NET’s seven free park & ride facilities located around Nottingham. The most convenient tram park & ride site for the A453 can be found at Clifton South (17-minute tram travel time), while parking is also available at Toton Lane (31-minute tram travel time).

If you have a spare seat in your car, or are looking for a ride, www.nottinghamshare.com, the free-to-use car share website, could save you money on your transport costs.

Travellers arriving by car are should note that Lady Bay Bridge over the River Trent (A6011) is currently closed to all traffic following a recent accident. The nearest bridge over the Trent by road is Trent Bridge itself (A60), with an alternative route also possible over Clifton Bridge (Clifton Boulevard/ A52).

Please also note that roadworks will be taking place on the A52 at Silverdale Junction (A52/ A453), the Gamston Roundabout (A52/ A6011) and the A52/ Bingham Road junction. Whilst no road closures will be in place during the fixture, please do be mindful of possible delays. Further information can be found here…


Travelling by tram

The Queens Walk and Meadows Embankment tram stops are located around a 20-minute walk from the ground, with the route from the Meadows Embankment stop proceeding along a pleasant stretch of the River Trent. Alternatively, a stop at Nottingham Train Station can be found just a 20-minute walk away. To help plan your journey, visit www.thetram.net.

You can purchase a group ticket for £8, which is for up to two adults and three children (under the age of 19).


Travelling by bus

Regular bus travel is available to the ground, with bus stops situated on Bridgford Road and Radcliffe Road.

Grouprider tickets, costing £6, allow up to five people to travel together (min 1 adult, max 2 adults) and are available to purchase on the bus, provided you pay via contactless means or have the exact fare in cash.

Advantageous pricing is also available for individuals if you choose to pay via contactless means. Find out more here, and plan your bus journey at www.nctx.co.uk.

Trent Barton buses, meanwhile, serve West Bridgford and Nottingham via their Mainline (every ten minutes), Rushcliffe Villager, Keyworth and Cotgrave buses. Plan your journey at https://www.trentbarton.co.uk/.



Travelling by train

Nottingham Station can be found a 20-minute walk from the ground, with public transport and taxis available to convey you to your destination.

Planned engineering works will be taking place on the railway network on the day. As part of this, all East Midlands Railway InterCity services to and from London St Pancras and Sheffield will terminate at Derby. Services to and from Leeds, meanwhile, will terminate at Sheffield.

A rail replacement service will operate via road between Nottingham and Sheffield, with two buses per hour.

East Midlands Railway services between Norwich and Liverpool will start and terminate at Nottingham.

Find more information about these planned works here…

To plan your journey, please visit the National Rail Enquiries website.



A taxi rank can be found 200 yards from the ground on Bridgford Road, adjacent to the large West Bridgford Co-op. Fares to and from the station will cost around £7. If you need to call for a taxi, some of our local operators include: Royal Cabs 0115 9608 608, Trent Cars 0115 950 5050 and Yellow Cars 0115 981 8181.


Travelling by bicycle 

Supporters planning to take their bikes to Trent Bridge are welcome to chain their bikes to the fence on the Bridge Field Car Park on Bridgford Road. Please bring a chain to secure your bike.

Bike parking will be available from two hours before scheduled start times until an hour after close of play. Kindly note that bikes are not allowed inside the ground for this fixture.


Hours of play

Gates open at 12.30pm, with the toss set to take place at 2pm. Hours of play are scheduled as follows:

  • Start of match: 2.30pm
  • Interval: 3.55pm
  • Second innings: 4.15pm
  • Close: 5.40pm

There is provision for an extra hour to be added on to make up for any loss in time. Kindly note that all timings are subject to change.



Assistance on the day

If you have any queries during your day at Trent Bridge, one of our volunteers, wearing blue, or stewards will be only too delighted to help.


Free spectator Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout Trent Bridge, which you are very welcome to use at your leisure.

Simply connect to The Cloud from the available list of wireless networks and follow the sign-in or login instructions.

Should you experience any technical difficulties, if you are able to access the internet via other means (such as 4G), helpful guides are available at www.sky.com/wifi or you can email wifiuser@sky.co.uk.

Alternatively, the phone number to call is 0844 824 5000.

Our friendly staff will, of course, endeavour to assist you should you struggle with the process of connecting your device to the Wi-Fi.

However, we’re sorry to say that we’re not able to assist with technical issues. This can only be done via the process with Sky above.


Food & Drink 

An array of catering options and bar facilities are on offer throughout the ground, featuring locally-sourced produce to satisfy a variety of tastes and dietary requirements.

Kindly note that all bars will be cashless, with payments accepted by card or mobile device.

You are, of course, welcome to bring your own food and soft drinks in cans, plastic or cardboard containers, but please avoid metal cutlery. Please be reminded that bringing alcohol into the ground is not permitted.



Trent Bridge Inn Courtyard

  • Catch of the Day, serving fish and chips (V)
  • The Grill, serving prime beef burgers
  • Leg Before Fillet, serving fried chicken (including halal options)
  • Coffee and cake stall
  • Ice Cream van
  • The Sound Bar, serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers and soft drinks, with live bands performing before play
  • Clarke’s Crafty Ones, serving a selection of craft beers, alcohol-free/ gluten-free beers, wines by the glass/ bottle and soft drinks
  • Barrel and Bean, serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, cask ales, wines by the glass, soft drinks and bean-to-cup coffee
  • CamperVin, serving a selection of wines


PKF Smith Cooper Concourse

  • Pork hog roast stall
  • Bars serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, Pimm’s, wine by the glass/ bottle & soft drinks
  • Coffee stall
  • Ice Cream van


Dixon Gates

  • Big Cheese Melt, serving cheese toasties
  • Delilah, serving artisan deli products



Radcliffe Road Concourse

  • Pizza unit (V)
  • Fresh coffee stall
  • The East bar, serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, Pimm’s, wine by the glass & soft drinks
  • The West bar, serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, Pimm’s, wine by the glass/ bottle, bean-to-cup coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Jim & Tonic, serving a range of gin-based drinks, mocktails and coffee
  • Ice Cream Van


Radcliffe Road Stand

  • Bars on level 3, serving bottled beers, alcohol-free beers, wine by the glass, soft drinks and hot drinks
  • Bars on level 5 serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, wine by the glass and soft drinks


Sobers Cricket Hall (Level 2, Radcliffe Road Stand)

  • Bar serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers and soft drinks
  • Jim & Tonic, serving a selection of gin and tonics, mocktails and coffee


Scoreboard (between Radcliffe Road Stand and Fox Road Stand)

  • Keeton’s Corner, serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, wine by the glass/ bottle, soft drinks, bean-to-cup coffee, tea and hot chocolate


Fox Road Stand Concourse

  • Gallops Farm, serving a selection of food
  • Heavenly Indian Food (V, halal)
  • Big Cheese Melt, serving cheese toasties
  • Noodle stall
  • Vegan food stall (V)
  • Bar serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, Pimm’s, wine by the glass/ bottle and soft drinks
  • The E-Bar, a self-serve beer and cider bar
  • Fresh coffee stall
  • Ice Cream van



Hound Road Concourse

  • Gallops Farm, serving a selection of food
  • Vegan food stall (V)
  • Hound Road bar, serving draught beers, alcohol-free beers, wine by the glass/ bottle, Pimm’s, soft drinks, bean-to-cup coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Jim & Tonic, serving a range of gin & tonics, mocktails and soft drinks
  • Fresh coffee stall
  • The E-Bar, a self-serve beer and cider bar
  • Food hamper collection point


Ticket Office Complex

  • The Rice Bar, situated on the first floor of the ticket office building, serving draught beers, cask ales, alcohol-free beers, wine by the glass/ bottle & hot drinks.


Recycling your beer cups

Beer will be served in branded, reusable cups, with spectators paying a £1 deposit. Each drink will be served in a fresh cup, with no deposit required in exchange for the existing vessel.

Supporters have two options in terms of what to do with their final cup of the day:

  1. Take it home as a souvenir.
  2. Return it to the bar and regain your £1 deposit. Please note that refunds can only be issued by inserting credit/ debit cards into our terminals; refunds will not be processed by contacless means (e.g. by smartphone).

Kindly note that beer cup returns will be accepted from individuals ages 18 and over only.


Picnic hamper collection

Pre-ordered picnic hampers can be collected from behind the Hound Road Stand between 12.30pm and 2.30pm.


Water dispensers

Water dispensing facilities will be available around the ground if you wish to use your own refillable water bottles.


Alcohol and fancy dress

At Trent Bridge, we expect everyone to be courteous to their fellow spectators and that all those in attendance conduct themselves with a level of decorum befitting of the resplendent surroundings.

Kindly, therefore, be sure to regulate your alcohol intake accordingly – and help others within your party do the same. Please also note that spectators are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the ground.

Meanwhile, we request that you refrain from visiting our venue whilst clothed in inappropriate fancy dress outfits that are liable to cause offence to children and young families.



Reporting discrimination

If you are aware of or witness discrimination at any level of cricket in Nottinghamshire, including during your attendance of matches at Trent Bridge, we urge you to report it to us so that we can investigate and take appropriate action. 

You can do so by sending a text message to 88440 with further details, starting your message with ‘Notts’.

Alternatively, telephone 0115 982 3000, email whistleblowing@nottsccc.co.uk, or write to the HR Manager, Trent Bridge, Bridgford Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6AG


Club Shop

Don't forget to have a look around our Club Shop, at the rear of the Radcliffe Road stand, which offers a range of England and Trent Bridge merchandise for purchase. Scorecards will also be available in the shop, priced at 50p.

Additional Trent Bridge retail outlets will also be in position on the concourse of the Fox Road stand and in the TBI Courtyard.

Kindly note that all retail outlets will be cashless.


Programmes and scorecards

Programmes will be available from vendors around the ground.

Scorecards, meanwhile, will be available from the Trent Bridge Shop outlets and the ticket office, priced at 50p.

Kindly note that both programmes and scorecards will be available via cashless payments only.


Commentary radios

Commentary radios, via which spectators can listen to match coverage from Sky Sports and the BBC, will be for sale around the ground, priced at £15.


The Wynne-Thomas Library

All spectators are welcome to visit the Library and explore the thousands of books on the shelves, browse the latest cricket magazines, chat to other visitors, learn about our plans for the library and discover more about the links between Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge and India. Situated behind the Ticket Office, the Wynne-Thomas Library is open from 12.30 pm until the start of play at 2.30 pm.


Support the Trent Bridge Community Trust

You will find contactless donation stations situated around the venue, allowing you to make a small donation to our official charity, the Trent Bridge Community Trust, using your debit/ credit card or mobile phone.

Your donations will help the Trust to provide a sporting chance to disadvantaged people across Nottinghamshire, with over £1.5m having been invested into local projects over the last decade.

Initiatives operated by the Trust include:

  • Positive Futures, helping young people at risk of social exclusion to hone their skills and raise their aspirations
  • The YouNG Project, providing placement and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Healthy Hearts, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to primary school children
  • Forget Me Notts, supporting individuals with dementia
  • Notts in Mind, using sport to boost confidence, self-esteem and fitness.

Find out more about the Trust here, or make a donation here.


Toilet and baby changing facilities

Toilet facilities will be open and signposted around the ground, with stewards on hand to guide you to your nearest facility. These will include a Mobiloo accessible toilet, with an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist, situated to the rear of the Hound Road stand.

Changing facilities are available in the William Clarke Stand ladies’ toilets, the PKF Smith Cooper Stand toilets, the Hound Road ladies’ toilets, in the Radcliffe Road Stand (on the concourse, beside Radcliffe Road reception, and on the East wing of the first floor) and in the Fox Road Stand. Please feel free to ask any volunteer or steward for directions.

The changing rooms in the ticket office building can be made available upon request at the Ticket Office as further baby changing facilities accessible to men, or as a quiet feeding area.


First Aid

First Aid facilities will be available at the rear of the Radcliffe Road and PKF Smith Cooper Stands.


Accessibility at Trent Bridge

Wheelchair viewing positions are available in front of the PKF Smith Cooper Stand, Hound Road Stand and Larwood & Voce Stand, as well as the Hound Road Upper, Radcliffe Road Lower and Middle tiers and the top of the PKF Smith Cooper Stand.

Please feel free to ask your nearest steward, or Above and Beyond volunteers wearing blue, if you have any questions regarding our accessible facilities around the ground, as they’ll be delighted to assist you. 


Multi-faith room

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle to pray, a multi-faith room has been set up in Squash Court Two situated just next door to our Ticket Office. Please see a steward or Happy to Help volunteer if you need directions.


Junior wristbands

All spectators visiting with children can take advantage of our free wrist band system. Simply collect your band from one of our gate stewards or volunteers, or alternatively ask a member of staff on the Radcliffe Road Reception or Ticket Office.

On the reverse of your wrist band, where details are well hidden from view, simply complete the following information:

•    Parent/guardian’s name
•    Contact phone number whilst in the ground
•    Your stand and seat location
•    Date

These details will then help a steward reunite you with your child should you become separated or should they get lost around the ground.



Leaving and re-entering the venue

You are most welcome to exit the venue during the course of your visit to explore the surrounding area. Please be sure to check in with a steward as you leave in order to be permitted re-entry.


Safety and security

Our stewards will be on hand to ensure that you are safe and secure throughout your day at Trent Bridge and should be your first port of call if you see anything that you may consider dangerous or suspicious.

We ask that you travel light and bring only essential items. Bags are best left at home although we do allow small ones through the gates. Your bags will be searched upon entry, so please arrive in good time.

Note that our usual ground regulations continue to apply.


Cameras and mobile devices

Please note that the use of any cameras, mobile devices or any electronic equipment for the recording, transmission or communication of match footage, details, statistics, images (on any platforms including but not limited to websites and social media) etc, is not permitted, other than with the proper accreditation. All ground regulations apply.

You can, however, take pictures for your own personal use, providing you do not use specialist equipment such as telephoto lenses, tripods or mono pods.

Accredited photographers will be present during the match and will be taking images for use on printed marketing materials and digital channels. If you or anyone in your party would not like photographing, then please inform our photographer or your nearest steward.

You can view a full list of ground regulations here.


After the match

Just a few hours after close of play, look out for your exclusive email to those that purchased tickets. It includes reaction to the game, photographs and the opportunity to provide feedback on your matchday experience with us. Please feel free to forward this communication to those that attended the fixture with you.


Looking for somewhere to stay?

Nottingham Tourist Information Centre, situated on Smithy Row in the City Centre, has an up-to-date view on availability across the city. They can be contacted on 0115 876 2970 or you can go online here.


Any questions?

If you find yourself in need of assistance, please contact our friendly team at questions@nottsccc.co.uk, or by telephone to 0115 899 0300, and we will come back to you as quickly as we can.

Members of our friendly team will also be available in person in the Ticket Office to resolve any issues you may encounter during the fixture.



Ticket refund policy

If, for the day for which the ticket is valid (where the date of the match has changed this means the new date of the match), the venue is unable to admit spectators (for example, due to Covid-19) OR play does not take place OR play is restricted, you will be entitled to a refund of only the match ticket value subject to there being: (a) non admittance of spectators OR zero to 10 overs are played and no result is obtained - a full refund; (b) 10.1 overs to 20 overs are played and no result is obtained - a 50% refund.  In no other circumstances can money be refunded. 

In respect of tickets purchased in advance for the day on which this ticket is valid, the refund process will be commenced automatically by Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club to the original purchaser only. Any refunds will be processed either by refunding to the debit or credit card used to make the purchase or by BACS payment where possible.

In respect of tickets purchased at the ground on the day for which this ticket is valid, refunds may be claimed by sending this ticket with your name and address in block capitals to the host venue within 28 days of the match date.  Please allow 30 days from the receipt of the claim for your refund to be processed.

For refund queries, please contact our ticket office via questions@nottsccc.co.uk or 0115 899 0300. Information is also available at www.ecb.co.uk/refundscheme. Please allow 30 days for the refund process to take place.


Coming up at Trent Bridge

There's a host of on-field action to come at our vibrant venue through the course of the summer, including:

  • Royal London Cup Final: county cricket's long-running 50-over showpiece returns to our home on Saturday 17 September. Tickets are on general sale now...
  • The Hundred: an all-star cast will don Trent Rockets yellow for four matchdays at Trent Bridge during the summer holidays, including three men's and women's double-headers. Secure your seats here...


Make the most of your visit to Nottinghamshire

Nottingham is rich with places to see and things to do. It’s a green city with a legendary past and a variety of events and activities taking place across the city and county.

For more information, ideas and inspiration as well as a selection of special offers please visit https://www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk/plan-a-visit/visiting-us