For those members trying to purchase international tickets for 2024, we are aware that a number of people are finding it difficult to purchase tickets in addition to their members ticket.

If you wish to purchase additional tickets, you will need to choose the ‘Member Guest’ ticket tariff.

  1. Select the relevant ticket at the bottom of the page
  2. Click the drop down arrow on the right of the page to choose your ticket type. You will need to select ‘Member Guest’ tickets.
  3. You must do this for each additional ticket purchased over and above your members ticket (up to a maximum of 5 additional tickets per membership)
  4. Once you have chosen the relevant price categories, please click ‘Add To Cart’ and continue with your transaction

Once you reach the order summary page, you will be asked to assign tickets. Please assign all tickets to yourself, with the exception of any members' tickets which you have secured for other members, which should be assigned to the member in question.