We can’t wait to welcome our members back to Trent Bridge for our LV= Insurance County Championship match against Worcestershire commencing on Thursday 20 May.

As many aspects of the day will be somewhat different to usual, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through a process designed to make you feel safe and secure on your return to Trent Bridge.


What time will gates be open?

Gates will open at 10am, one hour prior to the start of play. Please arrive from 10am to prevent unnecessary queues and access the ground via the gate printed on your ticket.


Which gate should I use?

The gate through which you should enter the venue will be displayed upon your match ticket.  In order for us to regulate the flow of people, not all gates will be open.


How much are tickets?

Tickets are free of charge for 2021 members. Any remaining tickets made available to visiting members or non-members will cost £20 for adults, £14 for senior citizens, £14 for under 21s and £10 for under 16s.


How do I secure a wheelchair position or a seat with disability or accessibility needs?

To secure a wheelchair position or to let us know about your disability or accessibility needs, please contact us via questions@nottsccc.co.uk or 0115 899 0300 and our friendly team will endeavour to help you.


Do I need to bring my own face covering and hand sanitiser?

Yes, please bring your own face covering, which we kindly request that you wear when arriving and moving around the ground.

If you forget or lose your face covering, have a chat with your nearest steward who will be able to assist you. 

Hand sanitiser will be provided, but a bottle of your own might prove useful nonetheless.


Will I be permitted to swap seats, move around the stand and socialise within the venue?

Sadly, no. To ensure compliance with government guidance, your seat is yours for the day and must be the only one you frequent throughout. Please ensure that you maintain a safe distance between yourself and other groups throughout the course of the day.


Will food and drink be available at the ground?

By way of reducing concourse traffic, catering will be limited to a single location in the Parr Bar in the Trent Bridge Inn Courtyard where tea, coffee, soft drinks, confectionery and a limited bar list will be available, all via cashless payments only.

All other outlets, including the Cricketers’ Suite on the first floor of the Radcliffe Road building, will be closed.

Members and non-members will be permitted to bring their own food and drinks. Our usual concession allowing members to bring up to 1 litre of wine or beer to County Championship matchdays if sitting in the seating areas of the Pavilion is being extended for this fixture to all areas of the ground. Kindly note, however, that glass will not be permitted.


Will toilet facilities be open?

Yes, toilet facilities will be open and signposted, albeit not in red zone areas such as the Hound Road concourse, in the Larwood and Voce public house and the Pavilion.

Stewards will be on hand to guide you in relation to your nearest facility.


What about the Club Shop, Ticket Office and library?

The Club Shop, situated beneath the back of the Radcliffe Road Stand, will be open, albeit with limits applied to the numbers that can enter at any one time.

Neither the Ticket Office, Radcliffe Road reception or library will be open throughout the duration of this game. If you have any questions on the day, please seek out your nearest steward.


Can I walk around the ground?

Limited movement between concourses will be permitted for the purposes of visiting the toilets, catering facilities and Club Shop.

We do, however, request that this is kept to a minimum, that you wear a face covering, follow directional signage and remain at least two metres apart from your fellow spectators.

Please bear in mind that the ground will become less an oval and more a horseshoe shape owing to the red-zoning of the Pavilion and Hound Road concourse.


Do I need to bring my membership card?

Yes please. Whilst your membership card alone will not grant you access for this fixture, we request that you bring it along as it could be of assistance in the case of experiencing any difficulties on the day.

You must bring your e-ticket to gain entry having stored it on your smartphone or printed it at home.


Is parking available?

Unfortunately, in order to maximise space for the flow of people with social distancing intact, there will be no car or bicycle parking available on the ground.

Car parking is available on the Nottingham Forest Executive Car Park with advanced booking required. Car park passes, priced at £2, will be available to purchase in tandem with your ticketing transaction.

Bicycle parking at the same location must also be booked in advance as per the above, but will be free of charge.


Will printed scorecards be available at the ground?

Sadly not, however, both of our electronic scoreboards will be in operation, you will have access to free Wi-Fi via _The Cloud and will be able to follow the live scorecard via trentbridge.co.uk/live and we will make a completed scorecard available via downloadable PDF online in the days that follow the fixture.


Can I leave the venue and come back during the course of the day?

Yes, you will be permitted to leave and re-enter the ground. Please be sure to check-in with a steward on the gate as you leave, so we are able to scan you back in without any issues.


Which pitch will the match be played upon?

The Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire fixture is expected to take place on an off-centre pitch, closer to the Yu Energy Stand on the Fox Road side of the ground. This, however, is subject to change.