We can’t wait to welcome spectators to Trent Bridge for Notts Outlaws v Leicestershire Foxes on Thursday 1 July.

As the process for securing seats is somewhat different to usual, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through a process designed to make you feel safe and secure on your return to Trent Bridge.


I have already purchased general admission tickets. What action do I need to take in order to attend?

Those who have already purchased ground admission tickets need to take further action.

In line with the recently-announced delays to the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, our capacity will be restricted, and all spectators must secure allocated seats within household groups or support bubbles only.

In order to make this process as smooth as possible, credit to the value of your original purchase has been applied to your ticketing account. You can now use this credit to secure allocated seats.

For clarity, tickets are not currently available for general sale. Only members, Season Ticket holders and those who have already booked general admission for this match are being bestowed the opportunity to secure seats.

Kindly note that you must secure and download new allocated seating tickets in advance if you wish to attend this fixture. Any general admission tickets you have purchased, and may have previously downloaded, will no longer be valid.

The experience, for the time being at least, will be different to normal – however, Trent Bridge remains the venue we all know and love.

In order to be compliant with government guidance, to keep you as safe as possible and to give ourselves the best chance of hosting more spectators moving forward, it’s really rather important that we get this right and your help will be greatly appreciated.


I have already purchased general admission tickets. How do I secure my seats?

In order to make this process as smooth as possible, credit to the value of your original purchase has been applied to your ticketing account. You can now use this credit to secure allocated seats.

For clarity, tickets are not currently available for general sale. Only members, Season Ticket holders and those who have already booked general admission for these matches are being bestowed the opportunity to secure seats. 

Log in to your online ticketing account at tickets.trentbridge.co.uk, or call 0115 899 0300 if you do not have one.

When transacting online, use the links on screen if you need to reset or activate your account. 

You will need to be logged into your account and be clicked onto the 'Account' section in order to access your exclusive offer.

You will need to select account credit as your chosen method of payment. 

Once you have reserved your seat(s), you will receive a confirmation email and your ticket will be stored within the ‘My Orders’ section of your ticketing account, which is accessible via the ‘Account’ menu item, for printing at home or downloading to your smartphone in advance of your visit to Trent Bridge.

Kindly note that the downloading of the tickets, together with either printing them or sending them to your phone, is something you will need to do prior to arriving at the gates of Trent Bridge. 


Can I choose where I sit and who I sit with?

You will be able to select your seats in line with social distancing protocols which have been established for this fixture.

Our system will automatically surround you with empty seats to comply with venue safety guidance.  

If you wish to sit near to friends or family who are not within your household or support bubble, you should co-ordinate your seat selections in separate bookings and we will automatically place a two-seat gap between your groups. Please retain that gap and maintain a safe distance.

In order to maintain a secure environment for players, support staff and match officials, the Pavilion building, Pavilion seating, the rear of the Pavilion and the nearby entry point to our venue will be closed and referred to as a ‘red zone’.

The use of lifts will be severely restricted in the interests of Covid safety. Therefore, if you’re not comfortable taking the stairs, we’d heartily advise you not to secure seats within the middle or upper tiers of the Radcliffe Road Stand.


I’m involved in a support bubble. Can we all attend together?

If you are part of a lawful support bubble in line with government guidance, you are permitted to attend as a group.


Can I simply gain admission on the day with my existing general admission ticket?

No, your general admission ticket is no longer activated for use and has been replaced by credit in your ticketing account with which you can now secure reserved seats. 

All seats must be reserved in advance of the day of the game to enable us to safely prepare the ground for the fixture.

Tickets can be booked and obtained online and either printed at home or downloaded to a smartphone. Information for those without access to either facility is listed within the final FAQ at the bottom of this guide.

Entry without a valid reserved seat match ticket will not be permitted and there will be no ticket collections on the day of the game.


I am a member or Season Ticket holder and the general admission tickets I purchased were for guests. Can we sit together?

If you purchased tickets on behalf of guests and have already secured your own seat as a member or Season Ticket holder, please contact our friendly Ticket Office team at questions@nottsccc.co.uk or on 0115 899 0300 and, so long as you are part of the same household or support bubble, we will endeavour to merge the two bookings. Kindly note, however, that this may not be possible.


What time will gates be open?

Gates will open at 5.30pm. In order to prevent unnecessary queues, please arrive from the time stipulated above and do so via the gate printed on your ticket.


Which gate should I use?

The gate through which you should enter the venue will be displayed upon your match ticket. In order for us to regulate the flow of people, not all gates will be open.


How much are tickets?

Tickets are priced in an identical manner to during general admission sales:

£21 for adults, £15 for senior citizens, £15 for under 21s, £10 for under 16s and £45 for a family of four.


How do I secure a wheelchair position or a seat with disability or accessibility needs?

To secure a wheelchair position or to let us know about your disability or accessibility needs, please contact us via questions@nottsccc.co.uk or 0115 899 0300 and our friendly team will endeavour to help you.


Do I need to bring my own face covering and hand sanitiser?

Yes, please bring your own face covering, which we kindly request that you wear when arriving and moving around the ground.

A face covering is not required whilst in your seat, and please feel free to remove it whilst consuming food or drink. 

If you forget or lose your face covering, have a chat with your nearest steward who will be able to assist you. 

Hand sanitiser will be provided, but a bottle of your own might prove useful nonetheless.


Will I be permitted to swap seats, move around the stand and socialise within the venue?

Sadly, no. To ensure compliance with government guidance, your allocated seat must be the only one you frequent throughout. Please ensure that you maintain a safe distance between yourself and other groups throughout the course of the event.


Will food and drink be available at the ground?

A number of catering outlets will be positioned around the ground with bar, snack and limited hot food provision available, all via cashless payments only. 

If you are unsure as to the location of your nearest catering outlet, one of our friendly stewards will be delighted to assist you.

Spectators will be permitted to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drink. Kindly note, however, that supporters are not permitted to bring glass containers or alcohol into Trent Bridge on Vitality Blast matchdays.


Will toilet facilities be open?

Yes, toilet facilities will be open and signposted, albeit not in red zone areas such as the Hound Road concourse and the Pavilion.

Stewards will be on hand to guide you in relation to your nearest facility.


What about the Club Shop, Ticket Office and library?

The Club Shop, situated beneath the back of the Radcliffe Road Stand, will be open, albeit with limits applied to the numbers that can enter at any one time. Smaller retail units will also be available in the TBI Courtyard and to the rear of the Yu Energy Stand.

The Ticket Office, Radcliffe Road reception and library will be closed, however, if you have any questions on the day, please seek out your nearest steward.


Can I walk around the ground?

Limited movement between concourses will be permitted for the purposes of visiting the toilets, catering facilities and Club Shop.

We do, however, request that this is kept to a minimum, that you wear a face covering, follow directional signage and remain at least two metres apart from your fellow spectators.

Please bear in mind that the ground will become less an oval and more a horseshoe shape owing to the red-zoning of the Pavilion and Hound Road concourse.


Is parking available?

Unfortunately, in order to maximise space for the flow of people with social distancing intact, there will be no car or bicycle parking available on the ground.

Car parking is available on the Bridge Field Car Park, situated on Bridgford Road 200 yards beyond Trent Bridge with both the ground and the car park on your left, with advanced booking required. Car park passes, priced at £5, will be available to purchase in tandem with your ticketing transaction.

Bicycle parking at the same location must also be booked in advance as per the above, but will be free of charge.


Will printed scorecards be available at the ground?

Sadly not, however, both of our electronic scoreboards will be in operation and you will have access to free Wi-Fi via _The Cloud. You will be able to follow the live scorecard via trentbridge.co.uk/live and we will make a completed scorecard available via downloadable PDF online in the days that follow the fixture.


Can I leave the venue and come back during the course of the match?

Yes, you will be permitted to leave and re-enter the ground. Please be sure to check-in with a steward on the gate as you leave, as they will need to scan out your ticket in order for you to be allowed back in without any issues.


How do I contact the ticket office on the day of the game?

Although the ticket office building will be closed, you will be able to book tickets for future matchdays online or get in touch by email at questions@nottsccc.co.uk or by calling 0115 899 0300. The phone line will be open from 9.30am until close of play.

Opening hours on non-matchdays are 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.


I no longer wish to attend the fixture I had tickets for. Should I take any action?

Should you wish to claim a refund, please contact our ticket office via questions@nottsccc.co.uk, or by calling 0115 899 0300.

You may wish to watch the match live via our streaming service at trentbridge.co.uk/live.


I am unable to book online, don’t have an email address, don’t have access to a smartphone or printer or have experienced issues using the system. Can you assist me to secure my tickets?

Yes, our ticket office phone lines are open Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm. Please call 0115 899 0300 for assistance or email questions@nottsccc.co.uk.