If you've been inspired to follow in the footsteps of our team and want to get some practice in the highest quality facilities, Trent Bridge can help you out.

Our indoor nets in the Radcliffe Road Centre are regarded as some of the best in the country, with three lanes available in both the Sobers and Hadlee Halls.

  • Special uniturf playing surfaces to offer assistance to spin and seam bowlers
  • Shock pads in the run-up and follow through to offer cushioning to bowlers
  • 20 metre-long run-ups in the Sobers Hall to help the quick bowlers, with 15-metre run-ups in the Hadlee Hall
  • Adjoining changing rooms with individual lockers and disabled facilities
  • Viewing galleries for spectators

We also have the Woodhead cricket school available behind the Larwood & Voce pub, which has three lanes and a viewing gallery. It is ideal for use by Junior Squads.

For more details and hire prices call Maggie Daley or Kate Skerry on 0115 982 3000