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Mid-morning snack

A classic croissant filled with handmade almond marzipan and topped with almond flakes and dusted with icing sugar

Carton of Radnor fruit juice



Hummus, roasted Italian vegetables and pea shoots on a herbed focaccia

Chorizo, Manchego cheese, Piquillo pepper and sweet mustard ketchup, served with peppery rocket on a soft ciabatta artisan roll

Sweet new potatoes tossed with garlic mayo and topped with peppery tangy cress

Vegetable samosa

A packet of Two Farmers Hereford Hop cheese and onion crisps

A can of mineral water


Afternoon Nibble

Starkey's Bramley apple

Billionaire's shortbread square: a biscuit base with a layer of caramel, chocolate and a honeycomb topping