Introducing the Lending Service


The home Royal London Cup match against Sussex on 2 August saw the start of a trial Lending Service from the Wynne Thomas Library.

Steve LeMottee, Heritage Officer at Trent Bridge said, “We are pleased to offer current members of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club the opportunity to borrow books from the Wynne-Thomas Library, from today, as an additional benefit of Club membership. We expect this trial to last until 31 March next year.”

On the first day, some twenty people visited the Library, many to grab the opportunity to borrow books – the first two to be loaned out were Peter Wynne Thomas’s book on the 1987 Double Winners and a biography of Richard Hadlee. 

On the basis of this first day, it would appear that books on Notts and Notts cricketers wil prove very popular – not greatly surprising – along with biographies of cricketing ‘greats’ (one on Ranji was also borrowed on day one.

For members with questions to ask, the following may be of value:

How can I borrow books from the Library?

Just bring your current membership card to the Library and register as a user.  Then choose the books you’d like to borrow and have them ‘signed out’ by the staff member or heritage volunteer.  You must show your valid membership card each time you borrow books from the Library.

Which books can I borrow?

Any book on the open shelves, except for the ‘Nottinghamshire County Cricket’ and ‘Peter Wynne-Thomas’ sections and the NCCC scorebooks.  These are available to Library users for reference, but are not available for loan.  However a range of books about Notts cricket and by Peter can be borrowed from the bookcase by the entrance door.


How many books can I borrow?

You can have up to three books ‘out on loan’ at any one time.

When can I borrow books from the Library?

You can borrow books whenever the Library is open – ie on every County Championship matchday in 2022, from the start of the lunch interval until the end of the tea interval. The Library will also be open on some non-matchdays during the season, and on some days in the autumn and winter (dates to be announced shortly).

How long can I keep the books that I’ve borrowed?

You can borrow books for up to a month – ie until the same day of the following month.

Can I renew books that I’m currently borrowing?

Books can be renewed once for a further month by emailing or by speaking to the staff member or heritage volunteer in the Library.

Are there any charges for borrowing books?

There is no charge for borrowing books; this is a benefit of your NCCC membership.

How do I return the books when I’ve finished with them?

You can return the book(s) to the Library when it is open.  Or when the Library is closed, please hand the book(s) that you borrowed to a staff member in the Ticket Office between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm on weekdays.

Can I borrow back copies of cricket magazines, like ‘The Cricketer’, ‘Wisden Cricket Monthly’ and ‘The Nightwatchman’?

At present these are not available for loan, but if you are interested in borrowing back copies please tell a member of staff and we will work on including these in the Lending Service.

We would welcome any suggestions and comments about this Lending Service, particularly while it is in the trial stage.  Just speak to a staff member or heritage volunteer in the Library, or email


August 2022

Please Note:  All information is correct at the time of publication, but as we are trialling this Lending Service some details may change.  To check the current arrangements please see the ‘History and Library’ section of the Trent Bridge website, speak to a staff member or heritage volunteer in the Library, or email