Abram (or Abraham) Bass made his debut in the return match at Southampton – like Kettle it proved his only Notts game. A member of the great brewing family he was born in Burton in 1804 and was a solicitor by profession. In the 1840s he played regularly in the Genltmen v Players games at Trent Bridge, but most of his cricket was for Burton.

He is described as a staunch supporter of cricket and his house had a room with one wall mirrored - in–the manner of a ballet school – so that he could practice his batting and check his stance. He employed R.C.Tinley as a professional. Due to his keenness the North opposed M.C.C. at Burton on more than one occasion.

An incident occurred which if true is bizarre when Bass was batting for the North at Lord’s. The ball was thrown in by a fielder, hit Bass’s top hat, which was knocked to the ground, and was then lost. The missile was found lodged between the lining and the crown of the hat. Bass died in Burton in 1882.

His death certificate shows him as ‘Abram’, but a note later alters this to ‘Abraham’.