Alexander William MacDougall was drafted into the Nottinghamshire side for the 1858 Surrey match. At the time he was an undergraduate at Trinity College Cambridge and played in several matches for the University in 1857 and 1858. He was not awarded his blue, even though in 1857 it was reported that he was: "wonderfully improved both as a bat and field. We hope to see him in the (Cambridge) Eleven this year."

MacDougall was born in Jamaica on 19 March 1837 and was educated in Worcestershire. He lived in Wilford at the time of his only Notts appearance, and in 1858 he organised a three-day match at Trent Bridge between his own side and the United All England XI.

A barrister by profession, he lived in London from about 1870 and died in Greenwich on 1 November 1917, aged 80.