Augustus Bateman a younger brother of E.L.Bateman, who played in 1855, was born in West Leake on August 3, 1839.

He was educated at Brighton College where he was in the Eleven from 1855 to 1858, being captain in 1858. At that time Bateman is described as ‘A very fine bat, with a strong defence; plays well either back or forward. Excels in drive and cut; is also an excellent bowler and good wicketkeeper.’ Bateman went up to St John’s, Cambridge and played against Oxford for the three seasons, 1859, 1860 and 1861, when his wicketkeeping drew great praise, but his batting was described as ‘uncertain’. He was picked for the County side v XXII Colts in 1862, but withdrew owing to ill-health.

However he played a single game for the county the same year v Surrey at Trent Bridge and hit 63. Not only was it the highest score in the match (Notts won by five wickets) but his dismissal was something that would not happen today. Bateman was caught out by Caffyn, who had to run among the spectators to take an incredible catch.

In the 1860s the batsman had to hit the ball out of the ground to claim a six, there being no boundary rope or line. Bateman died in Nottingham on December 18, 1922.

Another of his brothers was Sir Alfred Edmund Bateman, who was in the Brighton XI in 1861 and 1862.


December 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 98

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