By Albert Bocking in 2000.

For more than 20 years Brian Robson has had a key role in the management of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. Very few administrators in the history of County Cricket can have overseen so many events and changes within a club and the game generally.

During this time as Secretary, the Nottinghamshire team has won every major trophy in County Cricket, something like two thirds of the ground has been rebuilt and the Annual turnover has moved from approximately £250,000 to nearly £4,000,000. In this same period he has also administered a multitude of international games.

Brian is highly regarded as a most efficient administrator not only within the County Cricket fraternity but also by the national and international governing bodies in cricket. The unobtrusive but efficient manner in which he goes about his work has also earned him the respect of all sections of the media.

Although Brian has not taken direct responsibility for the management of the club’s cricketing affairs he has rendered outstanding administrative support and advice to our Cricket Management. I know that one of the high points of Brian’s career was accompanying the team to Buckingham Palace to receive the County Championship trophy.

During his time at Trent Bridge, Brian has worked with a variety of Club Chairmen and Committee members. His ability to remain diplomatic, courteous and retain a dry sense of humour in endless committee meetings is a rare talent.

Previous Chairmen and certainly myself have benefited enormously from his counsel and advice as well as appreciating his integrity an ability to retain strict confidences.

Over the past ten years the Club has invested approximately £10,000,000 in new buildings and facilities. Brian has had a major part in play in all the projects being the main link with our Bank, Lawyers and other outside bodies such as the ECB and District Councils.

When taking up his assignment as Secretary of the club he was told ‘look after and organise everything at the club including administration, maintenance and marketing but stay out of cricket-playing matters.’ He has accomplished this directive and much more.

Brian joined as Assistant Secretary in 1979 and was appointed Secretary in 1982. His contribution to the upkeep and development of our Club during this time is immeasurable but immense.

On behalf of our members and friends of the club I am pleased to place on record our sincere appreciation of Brian’s work over all the years.